The Next Web

Who Is The Next Web?

The Next Web, commonly referred to as TNW, is one of the world’s largest online publications that delivers an international perspective on the latest news about internet technology, business and culture. Every year they bring members of the scene together through various events and sponsors innovation by connecting tech companies around the globe.

Why TNW Works With Plot Projects?

TNW Conference Notifications

As the host of Europe’s leading tech festival, The Next Web Conference, TNW strives to be technologically innovative and above all to provide a top-notch experience to their attendees. This year’s challenge: add contextual and fun value to their app experience.

How TNW Works With Plot Projects?

Plot Project partnered up with The Next Web Networking conference during the conference’s 12th edition, which took place in Amsterdam on May 18 & 19.

Our platform enabled The Next Web mobile app enhance the experience of their visitors by making it context-aware and providing them with localized, extra valuable information. We also collected and analyzed numerous location data points during the event and supplied the event organizers with event movement patterns.

TNW Geofencing Notification

Engaging Attendees With Notifications

Notification Open Rate Average VS TNW

The Next Web Networking conference app, powered by our location based marketing platform, helped navigating the conference attendees as they arrived to the city of Amsterdam. We helped directing the visitors to badge collection points with push notifications and map routes, all spread across multiple grounds – airport, train station and downtown.

We also provided valuable updates to attendees on site. To help them keep track of the upcoming events that are not part of the schedule, we’ve set in place dynamic reminders. They triggered timely invites to conference side events, such as food truck BBQ, opening and closing parties in town.

Collecting Location Intelligence On Site

Our platform also measured the movement patterns across the conference venue, such as foot traffic to different speakers and stages. Measuring average time spent there, enables TNW to see which ones were the most popular.

Foot traffic The Next Web Conference

Building User Profiles

User Profiles The Next Web Conference

Along with that, we’ve collected more extensive location insights about attendees, e.g. which country they came from and how long on average they stayed at the event. This helps TNW enrich their user profiles based on movements and use these insights to communicate in a highly personalized way during future events.



Matthew Elworthy, Events Marketing Manager

TNW, The Netherlands

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