Increase Conversions

Increase Conversions

Customers expect a fast, convenient checkout process. Address autocompletion makes filling out forms easy and significantly improves user experience

Eliminate Bad Data

Eliminate Bad Data

Say goodbye to bad data. Our instant address verification ensures that you get accurate and reliable address data at the point of entry

Prevent Costly Mistakes

Prevent Costly Mistakes

With address autocomplete, you can reduce checkout pain points, optimize address form completion and prevent costly mistakes during delivery. Perfect for eCommerce

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Address Autofill Features & Capabilities

Find out more about the many features and capabilities of the PlotProjects Address Autocomplete API

Automatic address correction

Automatic address correction

When a user types an address, misspells something or leaves a blank space, our automatic address correction solves these issues by instantly returning the most relevant, valid, and accurate addresses that are closest to the user’s geolocation.

Easy to use & integrate

Easy to use & integrate

Our simple-to-use API integrates easily with a variety of platforms and operating systems. Use it in any of your online address forms, registrations, applications and checkouts. Anyone can integrate it into their website and mobile apps, without costly development time.

Cross-device compatibility

Cross-device compatibility

Your customers use a range of devices. That’s why we’ve designed our Autocomplete API to be compatible with an array of devices. From desktops and laptops to smartphones, tablets and electronic point of sale systems.

Global address data

Global address data

Our simple-to-use solution is global, meaning you can capture the right address every time. We support address and geocode data for 250+ countries, built on the highest quality address database, including OpenStreetMap.

Geolocation technology

Geolocation technology

Our address capture automatically detects the user’s location, serving the nearest and most relevant results first. Even if the address is in another country, it returns accurate, valid results.

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What is Address Autocomplete?

Address Autocomplete will instantly suggest the most relevant and valid addresses to a user while filling out an online form. When a user starts to type an address, the predictive functionality will automatically show a dynamic list of relevant addresses to choose from. The API will “autocomplete” the address with the correct and valid address data, including: street number, street name, city, state or region, zip code or postcode, and country.

This type of address verification provides a seamless, easy to use, and cost effective solution, particularly for your eCommerce checkout page or online registration forms.

Why do I need Address Autocomplete?

Increase conversion and submission rates: Dramatically reduce the number of keystrokes when filling out an online form. Our predictive type-ahead functionality autofills the address field based on the most relevant results.

Better user experience: Automatic address completion significantly improves user experience providing a quicker way to enter address details for a hassle-free experience– even on small screens and mobile devices.

Accurate Data: Address Autofill will only suggest addresses that are valid and real. You can avoid costly shipping and delivery mistakes caused by bad data or user input errors.

How do I use the PlotProjects Address Autocomplete API on my online forms?

You will need to obtain API keys by registering on our system for free, integrate the API into your backend by following our easy integration guide and code examples, and then begin making API calls to our endpoint.

Can I install address lookup without technical knowledge?

Yes, you can install our address lookup API with very little technical knowledge. We provide all the steps to capture addresses making it easy to integrate for most use cases. Some advanced technical knowledge may be required for complex use cases. Contact us for more information.

Can I use your Address Autofill API for free?

Yes, you can start using Address Autofill for free! Contact us to try our API.

Do you provide international address verification?

Yes! Our address verification data covers the world. We have a global POI database that makes international address verification filling simple and easy.

What data source do you use?

We use data sources such as OpenStreetMap (OSM) to provide worldwide data coverage. OpenStreetMap data is continually updated, edited, and verified. We also aim to enrich the OSM data with our own data layers.

Is the PlotProjects API an alternative to OpenStreetMap?

Our API is built with the foundation of data sources such as OSM. The PlotProjects API offers a scalable and easily accessible solution for OpenStreetMap data.

How does PlotProjects Address Lookup compare with Google Places API?

The PlotProjects Address Lookup API considers many intrinsic factors to ensure that all addresses are validated and verified. We also offer pricing flexibility to fit your needs.

Billing - How is the PlotProjects API billed?

Our pricing is based on the number of API requests per day. We offer a number of plans, including a free tier. You can view our plans here.

Billing - What happens if I go over my usage limit?

Our pricing plans can be customized for your business. We do allow some flexibility as we understand that you may occasionally go over the usage limit while your business grows. If the limit is continually exceeded, it may be time to adjust the subscription to one that better suits your needs.

Do I need a geocoding API?

A Geocoding API allows you to convert latitude and longitude map coordinates into text, such as a street address or place name — this is called Forward Geocoding.
It also does the opposite, called Reverse Geocoding which converts a street address or place to map coordinates.