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Create real-world customer journeys by unlocking location data

This year, customers are taking greater control of their own movements than ever - using apps that will improve and augment their real-world journeys and experiences.

And they want to do this without clutter or compromise: what Forrester’s Julie Ask calls an ‘excessive cognitive load on the customermeans that experiences should be given greater focus, to avoid businesses sinking further into the rabbit-hole of banner blindness, and even further into the graveyard of uninstalls.

Every day, mobile-first companies are using customer location to latch onto new data-driven opportunities, and take experiences to the next level of relevance.

Location Infographic

Use real-world insights to boost retention

20% of customers churn in 30 seconds – and businesses are running out of ways to keep their attention.

So, how can you build a sustainable strategy for customer loyalty in a world of constant change?

Save and scroll through our real-world retention infographic:

  • Why differentiating with customer data is no longer a nice-to-have
  • How to leverage real-world insights like location and timing
  • Turning the right place and right time into a targeting and customer retention plan

How can you exceed your customer's expectations by keeping up with them?

Marketing personalization on first-name basis won’t work as a strategy anymore. We know this. But what happens when personalization based on digital touchpoints won’t cut it either? First-touch, last-touch, clicks, likes and taps aren’t enough to be able to understand your customer’s telling behaviors, and act on them accordingly.

To create experiences which match customer intent, it’s time to deepen your dataset by segmenting based on more dynamic parameters, like where they went, and how long they stayed.

This means turning the promise of personalization from an approximation into a full field of vision – bringing offline customer interactions back again, and bridging them with digital to create new streams of value.

What does connecting online and offline mean in practice?

For customers, this means delivering the right content and capability at the moment it’s most valuable.

For your business, this means adding a deeper understanding of customer behavior to your marketing toolkit, creating a sustainable strategy for retention.

Location data is a low-threshold, high-value way to your customer's heart

By connecting the right person with the right place and time, you can reach customers at captive moments which are really worthy of their attention, so you don’t waste precious opportunities.

This creates a cycle of real-world insights and experiences which validate online-behavioral assumptions and sharpen up your best-guesses about a customer’s characteristics and preferences.

In a world where every business has big ideas about even bigger data and digitally-trained Artificial Intelligence, location data can create the difference between blending in and standing out – whatever level of data-driven maturity your organization is at currently.

As marketing channels converge and customer trust dwindles, now is the time to investigate how you turn ideas about real-world data, into action.

The new model for customer retention

How can you use real-world data to take customer retention to the next level? With leading loyalty app Beblue, we show you how to use right moment marketing to lift conversions and customer lifetime value in this whitepaper.

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