Real-world audiences

Real-world audiences

Remove customer blindspots through real-world data 

Removing blindspots to make complete sense of customer behavior begins with dynamic offline segmentation. 

It means understanding who people are based on where they go, when, and how often – enriching your existing campaigns, tools and technologies with brand affinities, product preferences and lifestyle categories.

Real-world audiences allows you to build audiences or profiles, based on real-life movements.

Identify places of interest

Discover and get started with key locations from our extensive POI database, then define and set up your own

Predict purchase intent 

Predict the value of your audience through a dynamic map of crowd movement and individual footfall

Create richer segments

Surface new customer insights and untapped opportunities by combining demographics, online attributes & offline movements 

Strengthen your customer profiles across your  tech stack:

Must-have features for location-based segmentation

Home, work & place detection

Accurately anticipate moments of attention and define visits based on stop detection & motion sensors.

Fit-for-purpose POI database

Get started with Facebook Places for an extensive library of locations, then easily set up and add your own.

Pre-defined or custom segmentation

Choose from our popular pre-set audiences, like daily train commuters, frequent diners or sports lovers.     

98% accurate store visit detection

Accredited by Nielson, make the most of unprecedented accuracy when identifying which places people visit.

Get started with real-world audiences

Augmenting profiles and creating dynamic offline audiences opens up a world of customer insights. Get started

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