Geofencing SDK
with high accuracy & low battery-use

Handling 90+ billion location triggers per month.
Privacy-first, easy to integrate.

No credit card needed

Don’t waste development time

Advanced geofencing is time-consuming. With our SDK, you integrate it without batting an eye.

Geofences at every scale

More geofences? No problem. Plot Projects supports many hundred-thousands of locations and triggers.

High accuracy, low battery use

We have found the perfect balance between data quality & quantity, so you don’t have to.

Team-friendly dashboard

Teams can manage notifications and campaigns on their own, saving you time and effort on the fly.

All the tools you need

An extensive geofencing SDK and API for iOS and Android. Quick to set up, easy to use.
Realtime geo-push
Geofences & Beacons

Realtime geo-push

With one single SDK, you support any notification and location trigger in real time, even without internet connection and optimized for working in the background.


Trigger as many virtual radiuses as you want, ranging from 50m to 50km, and group locations into high-dense networks.


Determine the custom shape of any location for precise measurement like airports, event venues or parks.


Detect micro-locations such as stores in malls, vending machines or cashiers, measure footfall and improve proximity experiences.


See custom location metrics such as store visits and unlock even more granular insights with user profiles and A/B testing


Understand user behavior across locations and times, detect blind spots and refine your next actions

Easy and flexible connections

From your app to any customer data, marketing automation or behavioural analytics platforms, our SDK integrates across your entire digital infrastructure.

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The pioneer in geofencing and location data since 2011

"Full-featured SDK; geofences, beacons, and localized (and context-aware) push notifications. This along with ease of setup, dedicated support manager, Plot Projects is the complete solution. Geolocation is not only essential for our users in App experience, but crucial in completing the shopping funnel; browse, select, visit store, and purchase. There is no going back to pre-Plot Projects"

– – Andrew D'Angelo. Product Manager @ reebee Inc.

G2 Score
"We selected Plot Projects as the partner for geofencing and iBeacon detection, because of the right trade-off between precision, reliability & power usage, and the API implementation on both the client- and back-office side to integrate it with our systems quickly and in an efficient way."

– – Zoltan Fekete, Senior Android Developer @ Marktguru

G2 Score




< 1.000 geofences
< 10.000 MTU*
1 user
1 app

Facebook Places
Unlimited notifications + A/B Testing
Aggregated Analytics
Community support

No credit card required


Max €0.01 / MTU*
Mac €0.01 / geofence

< 10.000 geofences
< 100.000 MTU*
Unlimited users
2 apps

Everything in developer, plus
Unlimited geotriggers
API sync
Beacon & external triggers
Location bulk upload 1/month
Home/Work Detection
Email support


Custom pricing

> 10.000 geofences
> 100.000 MTU*
Unlimited users
Unlimited apps

Everything in Growth plus
Attribution + Visit measurement
Regular data feed + Webhook
Data sharing (Optional)
Dedicated support
Integration consulting
SLA available

* Monthly Tracked Users