Engage with travelers through location-based experiences 

Airlines across the world are making use of location-based products and services. When it comes to travelers, timing is everything. Reaching the right traveler at the right space and time is critical to drive business impact.

Travelers are constantly on the move, looking for the next exciting adventure. Increase your app engagement by connecting with travelers once they’ve arrived at their destination or drive more people to popular destinations and experiences by sending them location-based notifications of a close-by attraction.

Overview of benefits with PlotProjects

  • Open up new revenue streams by promoting airport or commuter service upgrades before departure.
  • Improve your customer experience and app engagement by collecting feedback from passengers once they’ve landed.
  • Implement contextual segmentation for a smarter push strategy such as targeting app users without data roaming.

Successful use cases

Receive baggage belt info on arrival

World-renowned airlines such as KLM, Air France, and many more use location data to notify their app users when they arrive in the airport terminal. Location data is also used for various other uses by airlines such as wait times at border control, local traffic information, and airport navigation information. Sending location-based notifications as travelers navigate through sometimes complicated or vast airports will increase app engagement and brand awareness.

Send flight reviews upon landing

Flight reviews are incredibly valuable. Gathering this feedback is key for continuous improvement. Using PlotProjects, airlines can identify the right moment to send highly-relevant push notifications – even without data roaming. This ensures that surveys reach passengers at the right moment – when their memories are still fresh and they have some time on their hands to pass while waiting to disembark. Airlines do not need to solely rely on email to gather feedback from their passengers.

Improve your notification relevance based on location

With location data, it is possible to send offers such as transportation back to the traveler’s accommodation once they’ve visited an attraction, or drive travelers to a nearby attraction or experience with a discount.

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