Generate value with location-based products

Publishers and retailers, and apps that offer discounts, cashbacks, and flyers can use location data to enrich their offers with context-aware and highly relevant content sent at the right time and user. 

Another relevant reason to use location data for your app is to accurately register store visits. This unlocks a gold mine of insights such as how many people are using your app as well as your stores and which products they looked at in the app. The data can be used for compensation and monetization as well as improve your product offering to your app users.

Overview of benefits with PlotProjects

  • Location-based notifications when your users are close to your stores, increasing store visits.
  • Collect accurate store visit measurement to obtain invaluable insights.
  • Gather location data and visitation patterns of multiple POIs. 
  • Link your in-app data with location data for many marketing initiatives like retargeting and segmentation.

Successful use cases

How Vouchercloud lifted sales with location-based discounts

Vouchercloud is the UK’s biggest money-saving mobile app and online platform, providing consumers with vouchers from a range of categories including restaurants, travel, leisure, and hotels.

With PlotProjects’ powerful solution and extensive analytical tools, vouchercloud is able to easily set up, manage and optimize almost 500 national and local campaigns for their multiple merchants across the UK, Netherlands, and South Africa.

They send discounts and vouchers to their app users who are located near their stores, driving foot traffic. They also make use of PlotProject’s deep analytics and are able to create powerful retargeting and reengagement campaigns based on collected location data.

Entertainment’s powerful geoaudiences and targeted campaigns

Entertainment is a discount, promotion and coupon provider in the U.S. and Canada. Entertainment has one of the biggest discount networks with nearly 500,000 offers from local merchants, regional and national retailers, and e-commerce brand partners.

The ultimate goal for Entertainment is to drive sales for their merchants – both online and offline. By using PlotProjects’ location-based notifications, they were able to send highly targeted and relevant push notifications to their users who were in the vicinity of their offline stores, increasing sales and revenue. They also created geo-audiences based on location-data and obtained segments that were used in email campaigns, increasing their in-app and online conversion rate.

Reward customers on store-entry.

Large department stores can make use of beacons and geofences to engage with shoppers who are located within their stores. Discounts in certain aisles and special offers for selected products will lead to increased in-store spending and better app engagement.

There is also a possibility to notify shoppers headed to your competitors. Contact us below and we will be glad to tell you more.

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