Greater Mobility Powered by Location Intelligence

With our location intelligence specifically designed for transportation and logistics, you can easily send alerts of reroutes or delays, inform commuters of a detour, inform drivers of a hailstorm headed their way, track your fleet, and much more.

Save time and money by integrating our solution within your transport or logistics technology to start gathering many location data points and obtain invaluable information insights.

Overview of benefits with PlotProjects

  • Send location-based messages to your drivers asking them to review their everyday stops, such as travel centers, and parking stops. 
  • Define your delivery areas to easily notify on-site staff when a truck is approaching.
  • Track your trucks’ routes to accurately predict delays in delivery time.

Successful use cases

Better employee engagement with timely reminders to rate their on-the-road experience

On the road infrastructure and services are extremely important to truck drivers. With location-based notifications, you can send real-time push notifications as drivers are leaving travel centers. Gathering these reviews and sharing them with the community is crucial to help other truckers plan their trips and find the right place to stop along the way. 

Helping drivers save money with deals and discounts at travel centers

With Plot Project’s versatile technology, logistics and transport apps can send discounts and vouchers to their app users who are located at travel centers. This is beneficial for both drivers who benefit from lower prices, but also to the travel centers, who see an increase in sales from visiting drivers.

Real-time, location-based vouchers and discounts are also a simple, yet effective way to boost your app engagement.

Real-time status of weigh stations using location data

Weight stations are part of a driver’s everyday life. Although necessary, inspections can be very time-consuming. To help truckers plan their trip more efficiently, logistics apps are using location data generated by PlotProjects’ geolocation technology to determine whether weigh stations are opened or closed.

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