Human Resources

Location data for a better workplace

PlotProjects’ geofencing solution is the key to easily automate time cards, clocking employees in and out as they come and go. No more mishaps with or issues with time sheets with the use of location-based intelligence in the workplace. With geofences with customizable sizes and shapes, your workspace can switch to automatic check ins and outs in a matter of minutes!

With location intelligence, you can also easily keep track of your employees who are spending time in different work sites, helping them navigate between locations with location-based notifications. 

Overview of benefits with PlotProjects

  • Automated time cards to avoid manual errors.
  • Help your employees navigate between different locations and work sites.
  • Monitor your employees, especially workers who spend time off-site doing fieldwork.

Successful use cases

Overcome clock-in accuracy challenges

To avoid manual errors and accuracy challenges, many companies are turning to PlotProjects to automate their workplace clock-ins. Automating this process helps professionals with confirming attendance when they forget to clock-in. It also brings more transparency to both employees and supervisors, knowing that location intelligence is a foolproof method for workplace clock-ins.

Help your employees navigate between worksites

In many sectors, workplaces are not a dedicated office building. Workplace can mean a location that’s ever changing depending on the client or project, meaning that employees sometimes have to cover a lot of ground between sites.

Location intelligence can help employees maneuver between sites with timely real-time notifications such as traffic information or weather updates so that they can plan their travels accordingly.  

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