Power your research projects with location intelligence

With PlotProjects’ versatile technology, you can easily incorporate location intelligence with any type of research project. With location-based push notifications, you can send survey reminders to participants, gather real-world information about visitation patterns, and much more.

Overview of benefits with PlotProjects

  • Remind your participants to fill out a survey based on their location.
  • Gather footfall data for specific locations. 
  • Send location-based push notifications to study participants.

Successful use cases

Collect location data for Smart city planning.

Use location technology to gather invaluable insights for urban planning. With geofences, you can track the visitation patterns and footfall data of key locations, helping researchers, urban planners, architects, and engineers make smarter decisions. From new bicycle lanes to better parks and green spaces, location intelligence is a key player in various research projects, linking spatial data to real-world behaviors.

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