Improve Attendees’ Experience with Context-Aware Information

Provide context-aware and localized information to event attendees, improving both your in-app and event experience, while gathering numerous location data points during your event for future improvements to your events’ sites.

Also, with COVID-19 and the new normal, events will need to proceed with careful planning as restrictions are being slowly lifted. Location data will become a must to properly plan for an event that respects all social distancing rules in place. With location data, it is possible to determine at-risk areas where crowding is likely to happen in your event’s site and where your attendees will not be able to keep their distances. 

Overview of benefits with PlotProjects

  • Send context-aware notifications and unlock content depending on the user’s location such as automated check-in and event wait times.
  • Gather multiple location data points and accurately map out attendees’ movement patterns.
  • Attribute visits and optimize your segments by attendees’ locations, improving analytics, and targeting.

Successful use cases

Crowd management and data collection at a tech conference

The Next Web Conference, tech’s biggest festival, partnered with PlotProjects to deliver contextual mobile experiences to 15,000 participants from across the world. We used precise location-based insights and messages to deliver everything from place-based secret studio promotions by sponsors, to handy directions towards badge collection points, and personalized stage recommendations. Location notifications were particularly helpful in managing the flow of attendees throughout the site as well as increasing people’s engagement with the event. 

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