Financial Technology

Bridging the gap between app data and real-world insights 

PlotProjects offers a rich layer of real-world customer data. With our in-house artificial intelligence, banking and financial apps can connect their customers’ transaction history and payment methods with location intelligence, thus targeting the right audience primed for the right offer.

Increase traffic to your bank branches with real-time push notifications, inform your customers of new promotions at the right moment, and send the perfect offer to all your customers depending on their spending behaviors with location intelligence and geofencing.

Overview of benefits with PlotProjects

  • Location-based notifications when your users are close to your branches, increasing footfall.
  • Collect accurate visit measurements to obtain invaluable insights.
  • Link your in-app data with location data for the perfect offer to the right customers.

Successful use cases

Offline insights with loyalty and banking app Beblue

Beblue, a Brazilian financial and loyalty app has been focused on growing and retaining their user base as well as expanding their partner network. With geofencing and location intelligence powered by PlotProjects, they were able to link customer data with real-world insights as well as give their partners a way to communicate with the right audience at the right time.

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