16 Best Shopping Tips for Black Friday 2022

Black Friday is set to be the biggest shopping event of the year, bringing with it plenty of cheap deals both online and on the high street. And with shoppers keen to get the best deals, this year is set to be better than ever.

If you want to make the most of this year’s biggest shopping event, you should start planning now. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Black Friday 2022 including when it is, where to find the best deals, and our top tips for shopping. 

Best shopping tips for Black Friday 2022

What is Black Friday? 

Black Friday originated in the USA in the 1950s. It refers to the day after the US Thanksgiving holidays when retailers offer highly promoted sales to kick off the Christmas season. Observed by many countries, it’s one of the best days to shop in-store, with many shops open from dawn until late. Shoppers can get amazing deals on electronics, toys and other items which are often available at heavily discounted prices. 

Why is it called Black Friday?

It’s a day of money-saving deals, so why do they call it Black Friday? Some think the name derives from the financial term ‘in the black’, to describe this profitable time for businesses. Others say it was coined in Philadelphia back in the 60s where it was used by police to describe the heavy traffic that would occur after Thanksgiving. In more recent years, retailers have adopted the term to describe their pre-Christmas sales.

When is Black Friday 2022? 

Black Friday 2022 falls on Friday 25 November. However, many shops start offering discounts early, and the deals last through to the following Monday which is Cyber Monday and falls on November 28. 

Black Friday shopping tips

These shopping tips will help you stay ahead of the hubbub and get ready well in time for Black Friday 2022.

1. Look for the best early deals

You can start shopping now for some of the best early deals. Many retailers release special offers in advance, in fact you’ll find some great deals as early as now. Amazon has already released early Black Friday deals, and Best Buy has fantastic deals happening all season long. UK-based retailers like John Lewis, Currys and Argos also tend to launch a few big bargains before the day itself.

2. Use money-saving shopping apps

All of the major shopping apps are already uploading exciting deals and money-saving offers on their platforms. Money-saving apps like Vouchercloud are something you can’t afford to miss out on. Use them to discover online and in-store deals, search flyers and catalogues for shops in your area, compare prices, get free samples and much more.

Black Friday 2022 shopping tips

3. Make a wish-list 

Getting the best deals this Black Friday means doing your research beforehand. Instead of falling for the cheapest deals, make a list of what you really want whether that’s a new TV, a laptop computer or something else. Make a note of any particular brands or features you’re looking for, that way you can go straight to the discounts that most interest you.

4. Plan for the crowds 

With so much shopping done online over the last few years, Black Friday 2022 could be one of the biggest ever. And with so many deals, doorbusters and special opening hours, even the savviest of shoppers might get overwhelmed. If you’re heading out on the high street this year, make sure you plan for the crowds

5. Get cashback on what you spend

Yes, you read that right! You can get cashback on what you spend this Black Friday. By using some of the best free cashback apps on your smartphone you can get a percentage of what you spend paid back. Some will pay you in cash, while others will pay you with discounts, loyalty points, rewards, free food and more.

6. Opt-in to share your location

Many mobile shopping apps need to know your location in order to function properly. Opt-in to share your location and you can get access to exclusive discounts and cashback offers via your smartphone. You’ll also benefit from the app’s location-based capabilities with personalized deals at the exact moment you need them – while you are shopping near your favorite stores!

Vouchercloud app for Black Friday deals

7. Follow your favorite brands

Follow your favourite brands on social media and sign up for email newsletters to be the first to get exclusive deals as soon as they’re released. Look out for special discounts and incentives in your inbox and on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and share deals with your friends – we bet they’ll thank you for it.

8. Set a budget 

Setting a budget sounds easy enough but deals can be hard to resist! Decide on how much you want to spend beforehand, and do your best to stick to it on the day. Before you spend, ask yourself if you really need it, and if you can afford it. In any case, keep the receipt in case you change your mind.

9. Look on websites

You don’t need to shop door-to-door to find the best Black Friday deals. There are lots of websites that do all the hard work for you. On websites like Best Black Friday (US-based) you can browse ads and deals all in one place, and sign up for alerts which you can filter by category. Money Saving Expert (UK-based) is another great website to check out for the latest deals.

10. Shop online

With the rising cost of living, this year’s cheap shopping event is set to be busy, but you can avoid the crowds altogether by shopping online. All of the major brands are likely to offer the same deals online as they are in store, with extra perks like free delivery and curbside pickup.

11. Look out for price-matching

Lots of retailers offer price-match policies which are a very handy tool when hunting for seasonal deals. Last year, UK-based retailer Currys offered a price-match promise to match any other price or discount. US-based retailers like Target, Walmart and Best Buy are also known for their price-match policies around Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

12. Use a credit card 

Using a credit card can be a safer and easier way to pay for bigger purchases. Aside from helping spread the cost, they’re safer to carry than cash and offer stronger fraud protections than debit cards. Many credit cards offer significant rewards for using them. Plus you’ll find plenty of interest-free promotions which are great as long as you pay off the balance on time.

13. What is the best time to shop on Black Friday?

The best time to shop on Black Friday is early in the morning. The best deals and doorbusters start from as early as 5am, while some stores open their doors even earlier. The most popular deals tend to fly off the shelves pretty quickly, so you’ll want to get in early if you don’t want to miss out. The crowds start picking up around 8am-9am and peak between 2pm-4pm which is the time to avoid shopping if you want to steer clear of the crowds.

14. Are Black Friday deals real?

The answer is yes, they usually are. This is when you are likely to find the biggest discounts all year round with retailers slashing prices by up to 70% to beat their rivals. Start tracking prices across multiple websites for the items you’re after to make sure you’re getting a real deal on the day. 

15. Is it worth waiting for Black Friday?

If there’s a big purchase you want to make, then yes it’s worth waiting for Black Friday. Especially if you’re shopping for high-value items like TVs, laptops, gaming consoles and other electronic items. That said, there are various sales throughout the year when you can get great deals. Black Friday 2022 is still a little while away, but you can expect prices to fall much earlier. 

16. What should you not do on Black Friday? 

Some mistakes are easy to make, these include getting carried away and overspending, looking out for the cheapest deals instead of the best value for money, and falling for deals on older tech stock. And if you’re shopping with your smartphone, don’t forget to keep your location services turned on!

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