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Looking for the the best geofencing SDK in 2022? Then look no further. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, an accurate location plugin is a cost-effective and powerful tool to implement in your apps. But choosing the right solution can make a big difference to the success of your campaigns.

Hailed as the best in the industry, our highly-rated geofencing SDK is easy to install and offers a vast amount of features such as unrivalled accuracy, battery efficiency and easy installation. Want to find out more? Read our handy guide and get started with our free trial today.

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What is the best geofencing SDK?

PlotProjects is hailed as the best geofencing platform. Our full-featured platform with SDK, APIs and dashboard have everything you need to set up geofences, beacons and location-based notifications. With high accuracy and low-battery use, along with easy installation and implementation in your app, our solution will help you get precise location data and send relevant notifications at exactly the right time and place.

Try it for free! You’ll get personal support and guidance with implementing it into your existing infrastructure. Within hours you can set up locations, build geofences and start sending notifications to your users.

Why choose our geofencing SDK

Don’t just take our word for it. Tried and tested by businesses around the world, the PlotProjects geofencing SDK provides an array of features for you to build, manage and refine your campaigns, along with dedicated customer support at every stage.

Our developer friendly software features out-of-the-box solutions to support geofences, beacons and location-based notifications. What’s more, we provide detailed analytics, campaign insights, and advanced reporting for your business. Hailed as the top geofencing company, our platform provides accurate, privacy-first data and an array of features to build, manage, refine, and analyze location triggered campaigns.

What’s more, we’re continually improving and refining our products to stay on top of the latest updates and trends in 2022 and beyond.

Complete geofencing platform with SDK

Below is a table that highlights what features are supported per platform or framework, you can find out more here. Or see how we compare to other geofencing platfrom here.

PlotProjects geofence SDK features and tools

Our geofence SDK, APIs & Dashboard

High accuracy, low battery use 

When choosing a geofencing SDK you’ll want a solution that’s both accurate and battery efficient. A high level of geofencing accuracy ensures that the most relevant audience receives your messages, while battery drain is inconvenient for users and could lead to them uninstalling your app.

PlotProjects has complex algorithms in place to ensure this balance. We can deliver accuracy down to 10 meters, and our solution doesn’t rely on battery-draining GPS. 

Location data 

Geofencing allows you to incorporate location and behavioural data into your app to improve audience segmentation and the delivery of relevant messages. It is a highly effective tool because it’s personalized, timely and very targeted. Our geofencing platform with SDK has plenty of features for tracking key metrics, these include:

Foot Traffic, Dwell Time and Visit History

The Plot SDK lets you monitor the amount of visits to a geofence, the time spent in a geofence and the type of locations users have visited before. These insights can help you understand how your users behave in the real world, enabling you to target them in a more personalized way and connect the dots between your various marketing channels. 

dwell time PlotProjects

Real-World Audiences

Real-world Audiences lets you build audiences or profiles based on real-life movements. This removes blindspots, enriching your campaigns with brand affinities, product preferences and lifestyle categories. Our Audiences feature helps you identify places of interest, predict purchase intent and create richer segments.

Activity Monitor, Stop/Start Detection

Stop & Start Detection and Activity Monitor can be combined to trigger events and notifications based on specific activities and movements. For instance, you can create a geofence around a car parking lot that triggers a notification when a user gets out of the car. It’s also useful for geogames to trigger in-game events, fitness apps to monitor steps, or eco / green apps to monitor carbon footprint.

A suite of tools for Checkin/Checkout

We also offer a suite of tools for Check-in / Check-out with beacons for improved accuracy. It can be used anywhere a user needs to show proof of purchase, even underground! It can also be useful for things like mobile order collection, curbside pickup and click and collect, especially when combined with our other useful tools.

Other top features of our geofencing SDK

  • Home, work & place detection: Boost your conversions by reaching out when users can make time for you. And define visits based on motion sensors and stop detection. You’ll also avoid missed opportunities by marketing to your users at the wrong moments.
  • POI database: Get started with Facebook Places for an extended library of locations, then easily set up your own.
  • Segmentation: Choose pre-defined or custom audiences such as daily commuters or frequent diners.
  • 95% accuracy store visit detection: Make the most of industry-leading accuracy when identifying which places people visit and when. Our offline attribution analytics and data are Neilson Standard accredited as 95% reliable.
Audiences feature in the PlotProjects SDK

Geofencing platform with easy-to-use dashboard

Any geofencing platform should come with a full-featured dashboard that makes it easy to build, manage and refine your geomarketing campaigns. You’ll also want lots of helpful features including the following:

  • Unlimited & scaleable geofences: The Plot dashboard lets you build unlimited geofences, helping you bypass the standard limitations for iOS and Android geofencing APIs. You can also build scalable campaigns, with geofences that range from 50m to 50,000m. 
  • Support for polygonal geofences & beacons: Our full-featured platform makes it possible for you to tailor your campaigns with polygons for precise measurement, and beacons to detect micro locations and improve proximity experiences.
  • Easy geofence & campaign management: Easily create and manage your campaigns with handy features like time manager, geofence labels and tags, and multiple campaigns running in parallel. 
  • Advanced analytics & reporting: Optimize your campaigns by keeping track of all performance metrics. See store visits, create user profiles, do A/B testing and use heatmaps to understand user behavior, detect blind spots and plan your next actions.
our geofencing platform dashboard

Advanced privacy options

PlotProjects has always been a privacy-first company. Not only does our software comply with all privacy and data protection regulations by default, but we also offer an extra layer of customizable privacy options such as Privacy Mode and Event Filters. 

  • Privacy Mode: This enables full privacy on-device, meaning our plugin won’t store collected data on our servers.
  • Event Filters These allow you to decide what data leaves and stays on-device, with full control over where it’s sent.

In addition we stay fully up to date with changes across iOS and Android, offering guidance about best practices for location permission prompts, such as how to stay transparent, explain added value to the user and the best times to show prompts.

Cooldown & other anti spam tools

Without anti-spam tools, users might receive too many notifications and leave bad app reviews. 

  • Cooldown: Our Cooldown feature allows you to control the amount of notifications your users receive, and set a timer in between notifications to prevent spamming. You can set a Cooldown period straight from your dashboard or programatically via the API.
  • Non-Resendability: This is another handy tool that stops you re-sending the same notifications to users at locations they’ve already visited. It ensures that users don’t get annoying duplicate messages at locations they’ve visited before.
Cooldown period

Notification filter & custom notifications

Use our notification filter for personalized notifications. It gives you the ability to preview, alter or modify messages before the end user sees them. Clients can add custom logic to their notifications, for example, they can be set so that notifications are only shown to certain audiences or groups. 

Contextual pages 

When a user opens your app via a notification or not, take them straight to the right pages to give them a subtle push towards a purchase. Contextual Pages works by surfacing the most relevant location-based content when it’s needed.

contextual pages is part of our solution

Easy integrations

The PlotProjects geofencing SDK offers easy and flexible integrations across your entire digital infrastructure, including with any partner platform including Mixpanel, OneSignal, mParticle and more. You can connect user visit history and real-time place-based triggers to your marketing channels – ads, emails and push – to increase conversions

Dedicated support

When you choose the Plot geofencing SDK you’ll be partnering with experts in the industry. With many years of experience in location-based marketing, we know exactly what is needed for an effective campaign and we’ll work closely with you to ensure you achieve your goals. We can also offer support with the following:

  • Custom-built solutions: We work with clients to build custom features for them throughout the lifetime of their project.
  • Extendable plugin: You can build your own adds on on top of our plugin and extend its functionality.

Get started with our geofencing SDK

If you’re looking for the best geofencing platform with SDK, APIs and easy-to-use dashboard, then look no further. Our industry-leading platform offers all the features you need to build great location-aware apps that wow your users.

Download our free resources, check out our informational blog and level up your digital strategy by determining the right time and location. If you’re still undecided, why not try out our geofencing SDK for free and see for yourself?

If you need help getting started or you want to find out more about how our platform can drive results for your business, contact PlotProjects today. You can try our demo app for free here.

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