The 10 Best Gas Apps for 2022

With fuel prices soaring, many motorists are looking for new ways to save. Thankfully, there are some great gas apps to help take the edge off. So if you’re looking for ways to save money on gas in 2022, this guide will make your life a whole lot easier.

Read on to find out about the best gas saving apps and rewards to get right now, plus hints and tips about how to get free gas at the gas station.

gas app - the best gas saving app in 2022

How do I save money on gas?

Gas prices have reached record highs, climbing in line with global oil market prices that have more than doubled in the last year. The idea of getting cashback on gas is more appealing than ever, which is where free gas apps can help. 

Powered by clever location-based technology, these apps can help you find cheap fuel, cashback deals and rewards in your local area. To start making savings, simply download the app to your smartphone. Once downloaded, it will ask to access your location so that it can identify relevant deals for you. Once you enable location services on your phone and in the app, it will provide you with personalized offers and show you the best deals nearby. 

What is a gas app?

Many gas stations now have free gas apps that allow you to get cash back and rewards on your gas purchases. You pay the way you normally do, and cashback is deposited into your app account. There’s no limit on what you can earn, and they work with other coupons, discounts and loyalty programs.

Known as ‘gas rewards apps’, ‘gas saving apps’ or ‘fuel location apps’, they work with geofencing – a location-based mobile marketing approach that can boost sales and service opportunities. Businesses can set up virtual boundaries around a specific location. And when a customer steps inside the geofence, they can receive targeted notifications and discounts.

For example, you’re looking for cheap gas nearby. As soon as you drive near your local gas station your smartphone pings with a notification for a discount off your gas purchase. This is how mobile geofencing can be leveraged to drive app downloads and boost footfall and sales for businesses. 

Read on for our rundown of the top gas saving apps to download right now. Are you a gas station owner looking to develop a gas app? Then check out our guide about how mobile geofencing can boost sales at your gas station.

The best gas apps that save you money

Whether you’re in the UK, USA or beyond, here’s a list of gas apps that save you money. You’ll find a variety of options, from fuel location and price comparison apps, to rewards, cash back and discount apps that pay you back. 


Cash back on gas and food

GetUpside app is a great gas rewards app

This free, simple-to-use gas app can save you up to 25 cents per gallon every time you get gasoline. Simply download the app and find the best offers in your area, then fill up using your credit or debit card at the pump. Follow the app instructions (either upload a receipt or check in), and you’ll earn cashback points directly in the app. 

Available at thousands of gas stations, restaurants and grocery stores across the U.S. GetUpside is an easy way to earn money back on purchases you make every day. And if you refer a friend, you’ll get cash back on their gas purchases, too. You can cash out quickly and easily whenever you want via Paypal, your bank account or digital gift card. 


Best gas rewards app in the USA

Looking for the best gas rewards app in the USA? Then GasBuddy is the app for you. Find gas using the handy map and filters that let you sort by price, location and stuff like restrooms. Once you’ve filled up, pay at the pump using the free Gasbuddy fuel card which saves you up to 25 cents per gallon.

This gas app can help you save money in other ways too. You can track your driving habits, get gas rewards, report up-to-date gas prices, log your fill ups and even get alerts about important recalls for your car. Plus you can win free gas! Complete challenges in the app to earn points and enter the daily prize draw for a $100 gas card.

Gas Buddy app

Gas Station and Fuel finder 

Fuel location app

This clever fuel location app lets you find gas stations nearby, wherever you are in the world. See locations clearly on the map and easily navigate to nearby locations with a simple click. Whether you’re at home, on holiday or traveling around, you’ll never need to worry about finding somewhere to fill up. 

Gas Guru

Cheap gas prices 

The Gas Guru app shows you all the gas prices in your local area. The easy-to-use app makes it simple to filter by distance, fuel grade and fuel prices. Never again will you pull out of a gas station and find cheap gas prices right around the corner! Is Gas Guru a good app? Yes, it is! With more than 500,000 downloads, Gas Guru is a really good app. It also lets you search for other amenities at gas stations, such as convenience stores, car washes and ATMs.

FuelGenie App 

Best gas saving app

Another top fuel location app, FuelGenie is a completely free app that lets you easily find the best deals on fuel prices in your area. Easily find your nearest petrol station by allowing the app to access your location services. When you first download the app, you will be prompted to give permission for the app to access your location, then it will automatically show you the nearest fuel locations nearby.


Free gas app

Hailed as the best navigation app, Waze can show you the nearest gas stations along with up-to-date fuel prices. It even boasts a contactless payment feature at participating gas stations so you can pay for fuel via your phone. It also tells you about traffic, roadworks, police accidents and more so you’ll always know what’s happening on the roads. 

Waze app can help you find petrol stations and discounts

Gas App

An app for gas engineers

A slightly different type of app, Gas App is aimed at gas engineers (not drivers) but we still thought it was worth mentioning here. The multi-award winning Gas App helps gas engineers save time and money with bespoke quoting software, thousands of free manuals, digital forms and much more. 


Gas discount app

UK motorists could save more than £200 a year by using PetrolPrices. The free gas discount app lets you find and compare petrol, diesel and premium fuel prices in your local area. You can search by postcode, town or city, and filter by brands, fuel type or the nearest stations to you. 

Hailed as the ‘Trip Advisor’ for petrol stations, it also lets you review petrol stations and report the latest fuel prices for extra rewards. What’s more, you can keep on track with important updates for your car. Simply add your vehicle to the nifty garage feature to get MOT and tax renewal notifications. 

the gas cashback apps to download in 2022


A great gas cash back app

No list of best cash back apps for gas would be complete without mentioning Beblue. With top ratings and thousands of great reviews, this innovative app is the gas app that pays you back. Yes, you heard that right. It gives you cashback at thousands of gas stations, stores and restaurants across Brazil. 

It’s easy to use. Simply purchase products and services with your credit or debit card as you normally would, then a real-time refund is made on part of the amount into your Beblue account. Credit never expires and can be used at any of the businesses in the Beblue network.

Download this great cash back gas app for free from Google Play Store or App Store, set up your account and you’re ready to go!


Gas rewards app in Germany

Check prices and refuel for less at HEM, Tamoil, GO, SB and many more with the German Clever-Tanken app. Compare prices for Superplus, Premium Superplus, Premium Diesel, natural gas and LPG, get real-time price alerts, make the most of the user-friendly map and enjoy low price guarantees and other special offers – you can even use the app to pay.

Do you drive an electric car? It can also help you find electric car charging stations. You can check the current availability and charging capacities, plus you can start and stop the charging process in the app. Very clever!


The fuel rewards app that pays you

Trunow is hailed as the best app for gas rewards. It lets you save on every gasoline purchase you make, no matter where you are. All you have to do is take a photo of your receipt and upload it to the app to earn cashback on all the gas you buy. It also offers a bonus if you get your friends to sign up.

To get started, just download the app to your iPhone or Android device and opt-in to share your location with the app. Once you do that, you can find the gas stations in your area with the lowest prices. The app also gives you personalized deals on your favorite in-store items, so if you want to grab a snack or drink, you still save.

A gas app can help you save money on fuel

What is the best gas app?

To help you decide, we’ve listed our favorites in order of preference:

  1. GetUpside: This is our favorite gas saving app helping motorists make the most savings.
  2. GasBuddy: The best gas app and hailed as the easiest to use. GasBuddy works with 95% of the gas stations in the USA.
  3. Trunow: This popular gas saving app offers the added benefit of helping you find cheap gas and get extra rewards on in-store purchases.
  4. PetrolPrices: The best gas discount app in the UK.
  5. Beblue: Submit your receipts and get cashback straight into your account.
  6. Clever Tanken: One of the most popular gas cash back apps in Germany.
  7. Waze: The best navigation and fuel location app
  8. FuelGenie: the best fuel rewards app

How can I get free gas from gas station?

Yes, you heard that right. Believe it or not, it’s possible to get free gas at stations and save your money. Here are some ways to get gas discounts.

best gas apps to save money and get gas discounts

Get free gas rewards cards from Swagbucks

One of the best ways to get free at gas stations is to do it online through Swagbucks. Perform various tasks such as using their online shopping portal, playing games online, taking surveys and more, and you can get paid in gas rewards points. You can redeem them for gift cards, including free gas station gift cards for Chevron, Sunoco and Exxon. You can also redeem points for cash via Paypal, or opt for a Visa gift card and it use it to get free gas at any gas station.

Join Fuel Rewards loyalty program

When choosing a gas cash back app, check to see if it offers a loyalty program. These allow you to earn cashback or loyalty points to redeem for discounts such as free gas at gas stations. Shell’s Fuel Rewards program helps you save on every fill-up at Shell, plus you can discover an array of ways to earn rewards when you shop, dine, book travel and more. There’s no limit on how much you can save, and rewards apply to any fill-up, up to 20 gallons.

Make the most of gas savings with your credit card

If you use credit cards, you can get gas rewards for spending at gas stations, grocery stores and other purchases , then redeem your points for free gas at gas stations. Citi Custom Cash Card lets you earn 5% cash back on gas up to the first $500 spent, then 1% cash back thereafter. 20,000 ‘Thank You Points’ can be redeemed for $200 cash back to spend however you want.

Use Raise to get gas discounts

Save money on gas by using Raise, an online store that lets you buy and sell discounted gift cards. This option isn’t necessarily a way to get free gas at gas stations, but it can help you get discounts off your gas costs. For example, if you buy $100 of gas cards, you’ll spend just $90. Shell, BP and Speedway gas cards are just a few of the many discounted gift cards on offer. And if you’re a new customer, you’ll get an extra $10 off your first order or 100% or more – that means a whopping 20% off your gas costs!

Get free gas by taking online surveys

Online surveys are a great way to get free gas rewards, and with an array of survey sites to choose from, it couldn’t be easier. Survey Junkie lets you earn points for taking surveys, and you can redeem your points for Paypal or e-gift cards to spend on anything. While sites like InboxDollars let you earn cash back for reading emails, playing games and watching videos.

save money on gas with online surveys

Is there an app for free gas?

Yes, GetUpside is an app that gives you free gas. Well, kind of. The fuel rewards app actually pays users to fill up their vehicles with gas. You can get cashback for transactions at gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores and more. In fact, some users says they save hundreds by using the app, hailed as one of the very best gas cash back apps.

Is GetUpside app legitimate?

Yes, GetUpside is legitimate app that offers cash back on gas, restaurant and grocery purchases. Boasting 5 million downloads, over $1,000,000 is earned every week. This popular fuel rewards app offers generous cash back and gas rewards.

Other ways to save money on gas in 2022

While there are plenty of ways to get great deals using cash back gas apps , you should always be mindful of how to reduce your gas costs all round. From driving less, to using smartphone apps to find the nearest gas station, here are some tried and tested ways to save money on gas.

Don’t buy premium fuel

Remember that premium fuel means premium prices. Unless your car needs the top stuff, stick to the regular grade gas to save cash.

Use navigation apps like Waze

Have you ever asked yourself how to get cheap gas near me? There are smartphone apps like Waze that can help you locate gas stations nearby and find gas discounts and cheaper gas. On Waze, you can search for gas stations nearby or along your route, and filter your search by distance, price or brand. The prices are listed so you can see which stops offer the cheapest gas.

Conserve the gas in your tank

Driving speed and breaking have a big impact on your vehicle’s gas consumption. One way to save money on gas is to drive smarter, avoiding rapid acceleration and unnecessary breaking.

Go electric

One of the best ways to save money on gas it to buy an electric car. If that’s not an option, using the above tips will help take the edge off your gas costs.

Electric cars are a good alternative to fuel rewards apps

Walk or cycle for short trips

Many of us depend on our cars, but you can save money on gas by driving less. If you can walk or cycle for short journeys you’ll save cash, plus it’s healthier for you, and the planet!

Are you a gas station with a gas app?

Did you know you can drive engagement, sales and brand awareness through the use of a free gas app? Not only can an app help you target your users with personalized location-based notifications and gas rewards, but it will also help you build a database of important insights about their behaviour.

If you need help getting started with mobile geofencing or you want to find out more about how our platform can drive results for your business, contact PlotProjects today.

You can try our demo app for free, or download one of our customer’s apps to see how it works. Don’t have an app? No problem. We can create a custom geofencing app using the PlotProjects technology.

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