Plot Projects News: Plot Demo App and Personalization Features

Although, February is the shortest month of the year, it has been quite eventful for our company. And we are thrilled to share the major updates with you.

Try geofencing without coding

Get a Taste of Geofencing with NO CODING

We have launched an Android app called ‘Geofencing by PlotProjects’ for those of you who would like to experience Location Based Notifications before implementing the Plot Plugin into your app. All you need to do is create a geofence with a notification in the Plot Dashboard, download the new app and start receiving the notifications you created on your phone. And most importantly, it does not involve any coding!

Read more about our new app in our blog post ‘Experience the Power of Location Based Notifications Yourself’ or download it at Google Play Store.

Personalized messages in location based marketing

Personalize Notifications to Maximize Customer Satisfaction

What customer wouldn’t like to feel special? The answer is none! Adding a personal touch to your marketing campaigns is the way to make them better because they will be more relevant and, thus, more useful for your customers. Using Notification Filter, a Plot Plugin feature, you can personalize your Location Based Notifications according to your customers’ demographics and shopping preferences, and, as a result, maximize their satisfaction with your communication. And with our step-by-step guide sending personalized notifications is as easy as riding a bike!

Log into your Dashboard and try it out yourself. For more information on how personalization can improve your marketing campaigns read our blog post ‘Personalized Marketing = Effective Marketing’.

All-New Plot Dashboard

We have upgraded the Plot Dashboard. It is now equipped with an integrated overview of all your notifications with their associated geofences, which makes it a lot more convenient and time efficient to manage them.

We have also added a map overview of your geofences, which allows you to have a clear view of how your geofences are spread out and manage them more effectively.

Find out more about the new Plot Dashboard in our Release Notes or go check it out right now. We really hope you like it!

Geofence Map Overview

We are very determined to improve our service for your benefit and we work hard every day to achieve this goal. Stay tuned for our future updates.

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