Experience the Power of Location Based Notifications Yourself

Do you want to test location based notifications but don’t want to do any coding? PlotProjects launches a demo app for both iOS and Android. This way you can experience the power of Location Based Notifications on your phone, without implementing any code. It’s really simple and fast:

1. Create an account for the Plot Dashboard (or log in)
2. Create a Geofence and an associated Notification
3. Download the PlotProjects demo app in the Dashboard and enter the public token* of your account
4. Receive your Location Based Notification on your own phone!

Go on, play with it! Create a few Geofences and Notifications and see how much fun it is to receive Location Based Notifications. You could for instance create a geofence at your home, work, supermarket or mother in law’s place (“Turn around! You’re entering a hazardous area!”).

You can experiment with different sizes of Geofences. Check out our Location Based Analytics in the Plot Dashboard and see how many Location Based Notifications were sent and how many were opened.

* You can find your public token in the ‘integrate plugin’ tab in the Plot Dashboard

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