4 ways to drive in-store actions with location-based notifications


4 ways to drive in-store actions with location-based notifications

May 13, 2019

As keyholders to online-offline conversion, mobile marketers are stuck between two danger zones. Tread too carefully and get lost in the noise of content, eventually losing valuable footfall. Stand out but with messages which land at the wrong moments – and live to annoy rather than to serve.

How can you turn location data into opportunities to win consumer mindshare, clicks, and in-store footfall or transactions? 

Here are a few location-based notification flavors which will help you to drive offline action.

  1. Increase brick-and-mortar traffic
  2. Upsell with last-minute urgency
  3. Deliver recommendations in real-time
  4. Improve omnichannel audience insights

1. Increase brick-and-mortar traffic through nearby promotions

Need to increase in-store experiences, interactions, and purchases? Send a promotional message just as your app users pass by and incentivize them to visit your store.

You can trigger push messages based on either granular distance from your store or physical location so that all customers within a certain distance receive a timely, relevant offer. Highlight convenience, tempting discounts, and the value of an in-person experience. As you know, getting them in the door increases the likelihood they’ll see something else they like, creating the space for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Humans are creatures of impulse and opportunism. Capture the attention of customers at a nearby restaurant to let them know your dessert shop or wine bar is the perfect complement to their meal.

Dining Reviews Notification

2. Upsell with last-minute urgency

One of the best ways to engage app users is by meeting their needs based on their implicit behaviors.

Airline passengers are a prime example: imagine you’re running late for your flight, and as soon as you enter the airport you receive a push notification with a “skip-the-line” or quick boarding service. By making the customer’s life easier, your mobile marketing campaigns soar in performance.

Airline Geofenced Notification

3. Deliver recommendations in real-time

Use a customer’s in-app behavior to make custom offers and recommendations within your brick-and-mortar location.

Send a personalized push notification referencing their online wishlist or abandoned cart. Those shoes you wanted are 50% off! The headphones you liked are back in stock! There’s a flash sale on team merchandise for all fans in Section A!

Whatever trigger works for your business, make it work for users in real- time.

4. Improve omnichannel audience targeting using location

Remember those customers dining in the nearby restaurant? Next time they’re in the area, why not recommend a similar dining experience? Enriching these real-world customer journeys with real-time recommendations has never been easier.

Here’s where the cycle of customer experience is completed: by closing the loop via retargeting.

With a broader ecosystem of touch points, beginning with location intelligence for optimum accuracy, you can start with an immediate one-to-one conversation to build trust — and scale across email, social, display, onsite personalization, and beyond.

Event Retargeting Notification

 Build momentum by bridging online & offline moments

The digital and the real world are converging. There’s no denying it, stopping it, or slowing it down.

Location-based notifications give you the key to maximizing on moments of offline decision, so you can grab each opportunity just as your audience is positioned to act.

We think localized messages should be a baseline for great marketing, that’s why we’re giving location-based push notifications away.

Next up? Try them out here.

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