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Context-based push notifications

Your app users are always on the move. Engage only when relevant. Only then, only there.

With over 60% of customers turning off push notifications because they are irrelevant, we have some relationships to repair. How can you smarten your approach to reaching the right people at the right mobile moments? User engagement is strengthened by aligning your push notifications with customer surroundings. Plot Projects software lets you surface and share the right information with your customer when they really need it.

Location based push notifications

What location-based notifications can do for you


Drive visits,
increase relevance.

Drive footfall to your clients by suggesting a list of dining recommendations to your food-and-drink app user, as they visit a city they’ve never been to before.

Context-based notifications for publishers


Drive transactions,
build loyalty.

Upsell your airline customer who is running late for their flight with “skip-the-queue” services right when they walk in the airport.

Context-based notifications for brands
TNW customer quote

“By introducing contextual awareness to our app, Plot Projects enabled us to deliver fun and relevant information to customers, allowing us to mirror the offline experience we’re known for.”

Matthew Elworthy
Events Marketing Manager
The Next Web, The Netherlands

Tired of low engagement rates?

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