10 Best Halloween Apps for Kids and Parents

Halloween is nearly upon us and there’s no better way to get in the spirit than with these awesome Halloween apps. Whether you want to stock up on terrifying treats, play ghoulish games or even keep track of your kids while they’re out trick-or-treating, here are the best apps for Halloween 2022.

Some of these apps need location permissions and have built-in geofencing software to offer the best experience for users. Don’t worry if it sounds confusing! It just means is that your apps have exactly what they need to help you plan your spooktacular festivities. If you want to find out more about location-based technology for apps, head over to PlotProjects.

Best Halloween apps

When is Halloween 2022?

Halloween will take place on Monday, October 31, 2022. 

With just a few weeks to go, you’ll want to start preparing if you haven’t already. Get ready with your best scary costumes, candy baskets and seasonal decorations. Having Halloween phone apps can help you get all the ideas you need to add extra spooks to your celebration and make this Halloween memorable. 

What are Halloween apps?

Halloween apps are fun, themed or helpful apps that are used around Halloween. Many of them are great for kids of all ages, while some are mobile horror games for more serious scares. You’ll find all manner of apps for Halloween, including apps to help you spookify your smartphone, plan your trick-or-treat route or play games packed with eerie adventures and surprises.

For parents, there are even apps to help you keep track of your kids this Halloween. If your little ghosts and ghouls are going out trick-or-treating, you can easily use location sharing apps between your mobile phones to keep track of their whereabouts. Many of these apps have geofencing features that let you track your child’s location and set up virtual boundaries for where they are and aren’t allowed to go.

Want to find out more? Our list of apps includes everything you need to get ready for Halloween 2022.

The best apps for Halloween 2022

Zombies, Run!

Apps for halloween don’t get much better than Zombies, Run! Turn your everyday run into a petrifying post-apocalyptic run with this immersive app that’s sure to get you in the Halloween spirit. One of the world’s most popular mobile horror games, it turns every run into a mission where you’re the hero of your very own zombie adventure story. You’ll run to the perfect mix of adrenaline-pumping sound effects and spooky songs as you collect supplies to build and defend your survival base back at home. 

Download it on iOS and Android.


It may not be your typical Halloween app, but mSpy can be very useful when your kids are out and about this season. It gives you peace of mind by letting you track your child’s location in real-time. Plus you can set safe and forbidden zones with the app’s handy geofencing features and get notified when their smartphone enters or leaves the zone. There’s even a panic button, so just one tap on your child’s phone can alert you straight away if there’s an issue or emergency.

Download on iOS or Android 

mSpy app for tracking your kids this Halloween

Dead by Daylight 

No list of Halloween apps would be complete without mentioning Dead by Daylight. This multiplayer mobile horror game challenges you to play a ruthless monster or one of four survivors trying to escape a gruesome death. The solo player is the monster with an array of special abilities, while the survivors have to escape its clutches while powering on a batch of generators along the way. The game is free to play with premium options for upgrades and new characters.

Download it in iOS and Android

The Walking Dead – Dead Yourself

Have a bit of frightening fun by transforming yourself into a terrifying zombie. One of the best free Hallowwen apps, Dead Yourself lets you take or import photos of yourself, then edit them using amazingly realistic zombie features and props. Watch your creation come to life as you look more and more like a creature from The Walking Dead. You can even upload photos of your friends to see what they’d look like as the undead, then prank them with the picture! You can easily share your photos right from the app.

Download on iOS or Android

Dead Yourself Halloween app


Make some serious savings with all the latest Halloween voucher codes on the Vouchercloud. Save on all the essentials you’ll need for a spooktacular night, whether that’s sweet treats, cute costumes or all the finishing touches for the perfect party. If you want to skip the softer spooks and head for more serious scares, you can take Halloween 2022 to the next level at an array of top attractions including Scarefest at Alton Towers. Be sure to share your location with the app to make the most of all the best location-based deals and discounts while you’re out and about. 

Download it on Android or iOS.

Halloween Wallpaper 

With the spooky season upon us, there’s no better way to set the mood than with spooky screensavers on your smartphone. Use the Halloween Wallpaper app to adorn your screen with an array of animated Halloween scenes. See the witches coven on the eve of All Saints day, take a tour of the gothic cemetery and enjoy the full moon with bats, ghosts and spirits flying all around – all right on your phone screen. The app offers lots of easy-to-use settings and dynamic effects to give your smartphone the full monstrous makeover.

Download it for free on Android

Halloween wallpaper app


Life 360 is a great app to keep your family safe and connected this Halloween. Its in-built geofencing software lets you easily see where your kids are in real-time, follow their path and set up place alerts. The app also lets your kids check in with you when they arrive at a certain location, plus it has an emergency Help Alert that they can easily use if needed. If someone is driving your kids this Halloween, it can even provide you a snapshot of their driving behaviour and alert you to any incidents. The basic plan is free.

Download it on iOS or Android 

Ghost Lens app for Halloween

Do you believe in ghosts? This app lets you snap photos of your spirit leaving your body. Pretty spooky, hey? You can clone your own ghost in a photo or video and apply all kinds of eerie features and illusions like floating in the air and swapping body parts. It has a powerful video editor that lets you record fun clips with spooky music and AR ghost effects. You’ll enjoy hours of fun snapping sinister footage to impress your friends and social media followers this Halloween. 

Download it iOS.

Ghost Lens mobile horror game

Pumpkin Carver 

Carving pumpkins can get messy, but not if you use the Pumpkin Carver app. This free Halloween app lets you pick your favorite perfect pumpkin from the patch, then design it, carve it and decorate it in your own completely unique way. You can change the colour, decorate it with stickers, and cut out scary or silly faces just as though you would if it were the real thing. Use your finger to carve, and pick from a range of tools to get it just how you want it. If you’re feeling really creative, you can upgrade to a premium option for extra pumpkins and high definition graphics.

Get it on Android

Halloween App: Trick or Treat

If you prefer the comfort of home, why not try a spot of virtual treat hunting with the Halloween Trick or Treat App? Tag along with Mike the Skeleton and Sally the Witch in this kooky spooky app for all the family. Collect treats to score points, search spooky scenes for hidden objects, bump into spooks, witches and ghosts galore and get tricked along the way. The game is packed with great graphics and fun games and puzzles. What’s more, your best scores are kept on a high score table so you can show your family and friends. 

Download it on iOS or Android.

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