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The power of
place and time

Tap into your customer’s offline journey, and know the best place & time to reach them.

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Plot Projects Clients
Plot Projects Clients

Customer behavior has evolved, and the race is on for mobile companies to stay relevant.

Personalization based on digital footprints alone just isn’t enough to differentiate or demonstrate value anymore. So what does the next phase look like?

Your app is key to keeping up with customers – but through their offline movements.

Plot Projects enables a rich layer of real-time location data to build a better understanding of your customers. By measuring their favorite places and daily habits, you can reach them at the right moment – like as they pass by stores, commute by train, or touch-down in a new city.

Location Marketing Platform


Engage when relevant, only then, only there


Enrich audience targeting with customers’ offline behaviors


Retarget consumers based on physical store visits


Attribute offline sales to online marketing efforts

The new model for customer retention

How can you use real-world data to take customer retention to the next level? With leading loyalty app Beblue, we show you how to use right moment marketing to lift conversions and customer lifetime value in this whitepaper.


See how Vouchercloud uses Plot Projects to engage customers with mobile coupons when they are near a store.

See how Beblue uses Plot Projects to enhance their customer profiles to increase retention & revenue.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Plot Projects is a big part of our user retention strategy, and we feel like we’re just tapping into its potential. We’re planning to use more and more of it in the months to come.”

– Julio Boschi, Marketing Supervisor & Analyst

Beblue, Brazil

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