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Location Based Marketing Platform

Know and engage your mobile app users in the real world

Location Based Marketing Platform by Plot Projects
Plot Projects Clients
Plot Projects Clients

Location is a unique quality of mobile. Use it, don't snooze it.

The key to being successful on mobile is about being relevant. People take their mobile devices everywhere – work, holidays, yoga classes, Friday night drinks – you’ve got to be part of their life, not an intrusion. With our platform, you can understand your users’ behaviors in the real world and make sure to reach out when it’s most useful to them.

Here is what you can do with our location based marketing platform:

Ways to use location based marketing

Collect Location Insights

Get insights about your users’ behaviours in the real world (such as store visits) and connect them to your online marketing efforts.

Send Notifications

Drive App Engagement

 Send relevant push notifications based on users visiting, staying in, or leaving specific locations and encourage the use of your app.

Build User Profiles

Know which locations app users have visited and provide them with personalized content tailored to their visit history.

Re-target Users

Re-target app users  that have visited a specific location across any marketing channel – email, in-app, banners, etc…


See how Vouchercloud uses Plot Projects to engage customers with mobile coupons when they are near a store.

See how Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) uses Plot Projects to enrich their festival app experience and gather valuable location data.

1 Location Based Marketing Platform - Powered By 2 Technologies

We power our location based marketing platform with geofencing & beacons. Geofencing & beacons are complementary technologies and can be used together to target your users throughout the customer journey. With us, you can manage all of your geofences and beacons in one place – a easy-to-use but powerful online dashboard.


Target users within a wide range



Target users within a close range

Ultimate Geofencing Guide Plot Projects

Want to brush up on geofencing?

That’s where we can help! The Plot Projects team has carefully put together The Ultimate Guide To Geofencing For Mobile Marketing, where we answer all the questions you were too afraid to ask.

Get The Ultimate Guide

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Plot Projects truly understands and masters geo targeting. The partnership between Swrve and Plot Projects enables us to set up sophisticated and effective geo use cases for our clients and to compete in RFP’s that require advanced geo functionalities.”


– Christopher Dean, CEO at Swrve

Swrve CEO Christopher Dean

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