What does Plot Projects do?

Plot Projects is the ultimate Geofencing solution for your app. We allow you to send Geofencing and iBeacon Notifications through your app.

What will Geofencing notifications do for me

✓ Increase conversions
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✓ Boost your app usage
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✓ Happy and loyal users
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Why use Plot Projects?

The world’s most accurate and reliable Geofencing solution
Easy implementation into your app, no maintenance needed
Optimization and personalization features
Extensive analytics
Supports Geofencing Notifications and iBeacon Notifications

A Plot account gives you access to:

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Send Geofencing Notifications from your app

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Create, manage and optimize your Geofencing campaigns

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Full API

Integrate all Plot functionality into your CMS

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Analyze and optimize your Geofencing campaigns

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Companies already using Plot Projects:

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“Users really love our Geofencing Notifications, as we only send them when they’re relevant.”

Gertjan RöskenCTO MyOrder (Rabobank)

“Plot Projects’ geo-fenced notification solutions are very slick and easy to set up.”

Michael LangguthCo-Founder POQ Studio

“The Plot Plugin has been a reliable and cost effective solution that we’re really thankful for.”

Michael GrossProduct Owner Savings.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I create an account for free?

Yes, you can create an account for free here.

Do I need different subscriptions for different apps?

Yes, if you have more than one app, then you need a different subscription for each one.

Is the Plot Plugin available for Android & iOS devices?

Yes, the Plot Plugin is available for Android & iOS devices.

What is the accuracy of a Geofence?

The accuracy of Geofencing is about 10m.

How many Geofences can I create?

You have the possibility to create as many Geofences as you want.

Who can receive my Geofencing Notification?

All users who have downloaded your app and accepted push notifications can receive geofencing notifications when they approach the geofence you have created.

Can I personalize the notifications?

Yes, you can adjust your notifications according to your users’ demographics, preferences etc.

Do you have an API?

Yes, we do have an API. For more information you can click here.

Can I send multiple notifications in one Geofence?

Yes, you can send multiple notifications per Geofence but with different timespans. You can manage that through our dashboard.

Can I see how many people received/ opened my notifications?

Yes, Plot Projects gives you access to analytics so you can see how many people received or opened your notifications, in which times etc.

Can Plot Projects manage my campaigns?

Yes, Plot Projects can manage all your campaigns.

What is the range of an iBeacon?

An iBeacon (also called beacon) usually emits in a 0 to 30 meters (0 to 100 feet) radius.

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