Geofencing Notifications

Example of a Geo fence Notification

What does PlotProjects do?

PlotProjects is the ultimate Geofencing solution for your App.
Implement the Plot Plugin into your App to make it send Geofencing Notifications and iBeacon Notifications.
A Plot Account gives you access to:


The Plot Plugins:
send Geofencing Notifications
from your app


The Plot Dashboard:
create, manage and optimize
your Geofencing Campaigns


Plot Full API:
integrate all Plot
functionality into your CMS


Extensive Analytics:
analyze and optimize your
Geofencing Campaigns

Why use Plot Projects?


The world’s most comprehensive Geofencing solution


Easy implementation into your App including step-by-step guide


Highest Geofencing accuracy and reliability available


Geofencing technology without maintenance. PlotProjects takes care of that!


Supports Geofencing Notifications and iBeacon Notifications


Comes with many features to optimize and personalize your Geofencing Notifications


Extensive analytics


Plugins available for the following platforms:

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Frequently asked questions

Why use Geofencing Notifications?


Increase conversions


Boost your App usage


Happy and loyal users

Why send Geofencing Messages?

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