Moment marketing: the new standard for app personalization

The right moment

Today’s consumer is more critical than ever before and is demanding great user experience: both on- and offline. People are making decisions faster than ever, and they expect to act on these decisions at the moment that it’s relevant to them – even if they don’t explicitly spell out their request when searching.

Although personalizing the digital experience is widely adopted by companies, it is missing a key dimension: the right moment.


Add context to your personalization with moment marketing

Moments are a scarce and abundant resource – consumers are getting progressively more picky about how and where we spend our time. The competition to win the attention is tough. 67% customers mention bad experiences as a reason for churn, therefore turning these genuine moments of attention into greater customer value is key.

This is where moment marketing comes in: a real-world layer that enables you to identify the right place and time, and then to act on it – not only engaging with the right person and on the right channel, but at the most impactful moment Because of the scarcity of moments, it is up to you to fulfill and exceed your customer’s expectations, and elevate their user experience.


Supercharge your current segmentation with real-life behavior

Using moment marketing means understanding who your customers are; where they are, and what they’re doing. In simple terms, getting a foothold on their context.

This crucial layer of context takes the personalization of your marketing activities to the next level, especially when it comes to mobile and app. App personalization based on standard demographics disguises an untapped opportunity; supercharging segmentation with simple criteria like ‘place’ and ‘time’.

As said, moment marketing is all about the right message at the right time. To get there, you have to be able to identify these ‘micro-moments’. But what are these micro-moments?


Micro-moments are the lean-in opportunities when a consumer turns to their smartphone to act on a need. These needs can be categorized into different moments:

  • ‘I want to know’ moments
  • ‘I want to do’ moments
  • ‘I want to go’ moments
  • ‘I want to buy’ moments


Google emphasized the importance of mobile for these micro-moments

Within these moments, consumers are drawn to businesses that deliver on these needs. These are the micro-moments that are valuable for your marketing. At these moments, you want to not only send out your message – but to hold them close to creating richer customer profiles.

  • 91% use mobile for inspiration when in the middle of a task;
  • 82% of the consumers consult their phones when in a store.


The consumer relies on their mobile device in these micro-moments, meaning that micro-moments should be pivotal to your mobile strategy – for instantaneous engagement, and for building longer-term loyalty programs based on real-world interactions.

Creating these moments of interaction in a user’s everyday life are the points at which an app becomes not only a nice-to-have marketing tool, but an invaluable personal assistant in their pocket, or on their wrist.”

Menno Kolkert
Plot Projects

So, why moment marketing?

The customer journey as we know it has fundamentally changed because of the use of smartphones, allowing the ability to do research on the go. Along the customer journey, we can identify micro-moments.

Plot Projects enables mobile-first companies to identify, analyze and engage at the right moments. By using proximity marketing data, companies can determine when to reach consumers, based on their location. This location-based intelligence, combined with right-time activation, is key to personalizing your marketing properly, and being truly relevant via mobile and beyond: this means you can add greater value, at genuine moments of need.

Using the micro-moments to provide relevant context will help you to:

Increase user retention through higher in-app engagement

A strategy for right moment marketing means providing valuable personalization for the right people when they need it the most. This will increase your in-app engagement, notification open-rate and will make you more relevant both your customer and your potential advertisers.

How to start increasing your app engagement →

Build customer loyalty: convert your users into lifelong customers

Customer acquisition is one thing, but with app de-installs on-the-rise, you need not only to understand who sticks around but where and when they use your app – for example in your flagship store, or on their daily commute. This gives you a better idea of which context you should double-down on to keep them coming back, converting them not only into a one-time sale or a fleeting engagement; but a lifelong customer.

How to power up your user profiles→

Putting Moment Marketing to work

7x Increase in footfall

  • That moment when… your customer has a wishlist in your app, and they’re passing your store with the items in stock.
  • How: send them a push message to match their interest with real-life opportunities

37% Open Rate

  • That moment when… your app helps make someone’s journey faster, easier, more enjoyable.
  • How: airlines can deliver valuable in-the-moment content or service update messages, helping their users skip long check-in lines, know about a gate change before it happens, or even know where the local tourist information office is once they land:

+50% engagement rate

How an online travel agency (OTA) generated +50% engagement uplift by leveraging offline insights

  • That moment when… your loyal customers get inspired by hyper-personalized content and promotions.
  • How: by accelerating the OTA’s existing marketing activities and enriching the customer data (available across all platforms and channels), this enables them to elevate their cross-channel marketing strategy and increase overall engagement.

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