Geofence technology to aid with Covid-19

April 4, 2020

Plot Projects is committed to help in the fight against Covid-19, the spread of the virus and all the issues that derive. We therefore offer our location data tracking technology for free for any App that offers a solution and we will help you where we can.

Plot projects can help for example with:

  1. Mapping of Covid-19 patients.
  2. Alerts to people to avoid crowds, people with symptoms .
  3. All other initiatives, Contact us and we will help for free

1. Mapping of Covid 19 patients

With our SDK you can enable your app to track your users geolocation and behaviour.  This can be used if you want to send alerts to your users who have given their consent to sharing their anonymous location.


Dining Reviews Notification

2. Alert people to avoid places

Ask your users to be able to send them alert and you can warn them when the move to a crowded place or when it’s better not to go outside at all. 


Airline Geofenced Notification

3. Any other initiative? Contact us and we will help.

There are many other initiatives and apps that we can think of. Eg. a volunteer organisation who need to track their volunteers to macht their location with the needed help in that location. Any project that needs geofencing or location data who needs help. Contact us today and we will get you up and running with location tracking (geofencing today)

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