Why you don’t have to worry about the GDPR with Plot Projects

Now that the GDPR is nearly upon us, many companies are double-checking their policies. We’ve noticed some confusion and received questions from our customers about location-based marketing services in relation to the GDPR.

We have good news: location and GDPR compliance can co-exist! To help you to get ahead, we launched a whitepaper dedicated to this topic with some hands-on best practice tips on how to increase opt-in rates from your users without jeopardizing your GDPR compliance.

Great, but what about the news concerning Apple’s latest move to remove apps that share location data with third parties? Is that because of the GDPR, and will the regulations remove the option to share location data? Yes, for the first part of your question; you can easily assume that the GDPR is the instigator, but allow us to ease your mind for the second part. Sharing location data with third parties doesn’t have to be a no-go zone. You can still include it in your business model without getting removed from the App store by Apple.

How? You only need to take four simple steps:

  • Direct your users in your T&C to your Privacy Statement
  • Inform your users about data sharing in your Privacy Statement and list (all) the third parties you work with
  • Link to the Privacy Statements of the third parties so your users are able to check them
  • Get an opt-in from your users when you request consent about location data usage by mentioning data sharing and its purpose

Don’t forget to make it clear what the value is for your user, and highlight the benefits related to user experience. We have an example of a permission dialogue screen text in our GDPR FAQ. If you want to know more, download our GDPR FAQ here. It offers all the answers to the most pressing GDPR questions regarding location-based marketing for apps. So, don’t worry about the GDPR – with our tips you’re well-prepared.

GDPR FAQs on Location Marketing

What do you need to know about location data & GDPR?

Download the GDPR FAQs for Location Marketing for a comprehensive guide

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