Release Notes April 2014: iBeacon Support & Resendable Notifications

Today we’ve released a shiny new version of Plot. In short this brings you BETA support for iBeacons, “resendable” notifications, better Android integration guidance, a better app for testing our services and more guidance on the dashboard.

iBeacon Support

Plot Projects now provides iBeacon Support

We have added support for iBeacons to our iOS plugin. iBeacons are small Bluetooth transmitters that can be picked up by Apple iPhones. Now you can register iBeacons in our dashboard and create notifications to show to your users when they are near an iBeacon. Using iBeacons you can create smaller “geofences” (1 – 30 meters) in which you can send your notifications. This new technology is especially useful if you want to send indoor notifications (for example in a store). Contact us if you are interested in buying these wonderful new devices. Read our blog post about iBeacons to find out more.

Resendable Notifications

A lot of users asked us whether we could make it possible to send a notification multiple times to a device. And guess what? Since we value and love our users we have implemented this feature! On our dashboard you can specify whether a notification should be sent multiple times and what the minimum period between receiving this notification should be. Look under the “Advanced settings” of a notification on our dashboard.

Android Integration Guidance

Android XML manifests are a pain. It is easy to forget adding a permission or specifying a background service or intent handler. Plot for Android 1.5.3 automatically checks if you have added the correct snippets to the manifest XML file and warns you when something is wrong. And rest assured, your users will not see these warnings since they are only shown in debug mode. Get started right now!

Geofencing by Plot Projects

Do you find it difficult to create an Android app to test our plugin? Download Geofencing by Plot Projects from the Google Play store! We have released a new version and it is now easier to add the public token you can get from our dashboard. Testing geofencing by Plot Projects has never been easier!

Guidance on Dashboard

What should you enter in the Data field of a notification? And what does the Radius of a geofence mean? We have added a lot of explanatory texts in our dashboard to guide you into sending relevant notifications to your users. Check it out on our dashboard!

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