How to Save on Summer Shopping With Reebee App

Summer shopping with couldn’t be easier with reebee app. Check out these top tips from reebee, Canada’s top shopping platform that makes it easy to stay organized and save money on clothing, groceries and all of your summer holiday shopping.

Shop online or download the free reebee app and you can start making some serious savings. Powered with PlotProjects’ clever location-based capabilities, the app presents you with all of the best flyers and deals in your local area.

summer sales shopping reebee app

reebee app’s money-saving tips for summer shopping

Use reebee app to find and compare deals

Browse deals using the reebee flyers app or online platform to make browsing for deals simple and efficient. Designed with shoppers in mind, it’s easy for users to organize their shopping preferences by categories and favourite stores. 

You can also search for specific products among the hundreds of retailers including Walmart, Home Depot and many more. Simply type in the item you’re looking for and reebee will pull a list of available sales for that item, in your region. Save the time (and fuel) it takes to drive around to different stores by doing a quick search! 

Aside from browsing from the comfort of your home, another bonus of discovering deals through reebee app or website is that you can actually sort the products based on price, helping you to select the best option. 

Reebee app shopping tips

Shop ahead of the summer sales

To ensure you can get your hands on the items you really want, get ahead of the game. Start your summer holiday shopping as early as today. The 2022 summer sales season is expected to have a major impact on the availability and price point of many products.

The window is quickly closing to find the products you want. But the good news is that summer sales events start earlier every year, so you can actually get your shopping done well before.  

Use reebee app’s price-matching tool

Have you ever price matched? If not, don’t be afraid to give it a try. Many Canadian retailers from all kinds of shopping categories have generous price match policies, and this practice can save you tons of money. 

Price matching is a practice where a retail location will match a lower advertised product price from a competing store selling you the same item for a cheaper price.

reebee’s search tool makes it easy to view and compare prices of the same product from various stores in one region. You can price match anything from avocados to TVs, as long as the store you’re shopping at has a price match policy in place. 

Avoid the lines and shop online

There’s no need to go into stores when you can shop online from home. Skip the lines and use reebee instead to browse deals and purchase items online at your convenience. Just look for the ‘View’ or ‘Buy Online’ button when exploring products.

And if we haven’t convinced you yet, here are a few other pros to shopping online: 

  • You save gas
  • There’s no need to worry about traffic or finding a parking spot
  • You can view more items at once and browse at a faster pace
  • You don’t have to face crowds or lines
  • You can search for items in the blink of an eye
  • Transactions are smoother and quicker

Make a wish list in the reebee app

Many of us know how easy it is to get carried away when shopping. But we can’t highlight enough the importance of creating a ‘wish list’ or ‘shopping list’ to follow as you shop. 

Did you know that your list can be made right in the reebee app? In fact, you can save deals directly from the search results or flyers to your in-app list. There is also the freedom to add other items you’d like to buy and order your list in a format that works for you!

When we stick to a list, we stay on track (aka on budget). Your wallet will thank you!

*The tips above were written by reebee, the free top-rated platform for discovering products and making your best purchasing decisions. 

*The following part of this article is written by Plot Projects, the geofencing platform that powers reebee’s location capabilities.

How does reebee work?

Hailed as one of the best shopping apps in Canada, the reebee flyer app makes it super simple for shoppers to browse local flyers, stay organized with shopping lists and search for local stores and products. Available for free, it features a whole host of features for smart localized shopping.

Boasting more than 6 million downloads across Canada and more than 1.7 million monthly users, rebee app will supercharge your savings on groceries, electronics and much more. In fact, the average family of four saves a whopping $3,978 a year on groceries with reebee!

How to use the reebee app

reebee flyer app is a really easy way to collect grocery store flyers and deals in your local area, all in one easy-to-use app so you can compare prices and get the best discounts. Everything is location based, so you can share your location and see flyers for the stores you will actually shop at right on reebee app.

You can either browse flyers, search by category or look up specific stores or items. Once you’ve found what you want, simply add it to your shopping list. Everything in your list is organized by store and each listing shows when the current deal expires. 

Make the most of localized shopping

To make the most of reebee app or any other cash-saving mobile apps all you need to do is download the reebee app and agree to share your location and receive push notifications. When you first open the application, you’ll see a message asking you if you agree to this. By opting in, your location can be used to find the best flyers and deals in your local area.

Reebee app helps you find flyers due to its geofencing capabilities

reebee app flyers explained

reebee app flyers are digital flyers and catalogues that you can browse online or within the reebee flyer app. With flyers viewable right to your smartphone or tablet, you can get access to amazing savings on groceries, electronics, home improvement, everyday essentials and much more. 

Gone are the days of flipping through endless paper flyers. Reebee quickly finds the flyers you are looking for, with a host of clever tools like favorites, categories, current and upcoming deals, offline browsing and location-based notifications. 

What’s more, with everything done digitally, there’s no wasted paper flyers.

Which is better, reebee app or Flipp?

Wondering which is better, Reebee app or Flipp? If you are on the hunt for money-saving deals it’s likely you will have come across both Reebee and Flipp. Comparing them side-by-side, it’s easy to see they’re both easy-to-use flyer apps with lots of perks, however Reebee has many advantages.

Here are a few reasons why reebee app is better than Flipp:

  • Reebee app offers a device sync feature which lets you sync your account and shopping lists across all of your devices.
  • Reebee’s updated search capability makes it possible to cut down on search time without having to view each page.
  • You can use the category function to give you better control over which flyers you see. 
  • Reebee flyers have a very realistic appearance.
  • Once you have opened a single page of a flyer you can view it entirely, even without internet access.
  • Instead of having to update old lists, the Reebee app lets you create a new list every time you want to go shopping.
  • We prefer reebee app’s user friendly interface.

Is reebee app free?

Yes, you can download the reebee app for free on both iOS and Android, or you can shop on the website for free.

Are you a business with an app?

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PlotProjects geofencing platform powers reebee app

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