Plot Projects News: Customer Success Story of MyOrder (Rabobank) & Location Picker in Dashboard

With the MyOrder App users can order and pay with their phone in many places like restaurants, bars, carwashes and even paid parking areas. MyOrder is owned and run by the Rabobank, the biggest bank of the Netherlands.

Customer Story: MyOrder (Rabobank)

MyOrder uses PlotProjects to notify its users when they are near a new place where they can pay with the MyOrder App or when they are near a personalized deal.

Read a testimonial by Gertjan Rösken, CTO of MyOrder and Sr. Business Development Manager at Rabobank. “Consumers really appreciate our location based notifications, because we only send them when they are relevant.”

Location Picker Integrated in Dashboard

A while ago we launched a location picker tool, a website that provides the latitude and longitude of any place you select on a map. We got a lot of requests to integrate this tool into our Dashboard. We’re happy to announce this new feature is now available in our Dashboard. Creating a geofence is now only two mouse clicks away!

Try this new Dashboard feature yourself.

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