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Who Is MyOrder?

MyOrder app enables users to order and pay with their phone at numerous places in the Netherlands including restaurants, bars, cinemas, carwashes, parking areas and more. It also alerts them about interesting deals in their neighbourhood.

MyOrder is owned and run by the Rabobank, the biggest bank of the Netherlands. You can use the MyOrder app at over 14,500 locations, some of the many brands include KFC, Bakker Bart, Shell, Thuisbezorgd & Wolff Cinemas.

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How MyOrder Works With Plot Projects?
Location Based Notification MyOrder 2

MyOrder’s goal is a threefold.

  • To educate their customers on all the places where they can make purchases with MyOrder app
  • To encourage app users to pay with their app more regularly
  • To provide a personalised customer experience, ensuring that customers are only made aware of places and offers that are relevant

All that is possible to achieve with Plot Projects. MyOrder is able to set up geofencing campaigns customised to: merchant’s size (as small as a bar or a as big as a festival), merchant’s opening times, campaign timeframes, app users’ personal preferences set in the MyOrder app and a cool down period so that users are not bombarded.

What Is The Result?

With Plot Projects’ timely and contextualised location based notifications, MyOrder is able to connect their merchants with consumers at the right place and the right time as well as prompt users to take advantage of exclusive and personalized offers.

On average, MyOrder’s location based notifications see an open rate of over 10%, with up to 20% being the most successful ones, which is considerably higher than industry average.


Customers really appreciate our geofencing notifications, because we only send them when they are relevant.

Gertjan Rosken, CTO
MyOrder (Rabobank), The Netherlands

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