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Featured Customer:

“The Plot Plugin has been a reliable and cost effective solution that we’re really thankful for.”

– Michael Gross, Product Manager at using Plot Projects

This time we would like you to meet, a leading coupon and deal site in the U.S. which offers thousands of coupons and promotional codes from hundreds of merchants, as well as exclusive deals with their partner merchants. implemented the Plot Plugin into one of its apps called Favado. With the Favado app you can compare and save up to 70% on everyday items at over 65,000 grocery and drug stores across the U.S.

Favado uses the Plot Plugin to remind its customers to check the app when they are in one of their saved stores so that they never miss a great deal. “That way we can deliver value to our customers when it will have the greatest impact”, – says Michael Gross, Product Manager at

Dashing Dashboard upDates

This month we are rolling out two amazing Dashboard features: a Search Bar and a Click Through Rate Graph.

With the Search Bar you can now manage and optimize your Location Based Notifications and Geofences hundred times faster and more effectively. And with the new CTR Graph, which is available for both an entire account and a single notification, it is now a lot easier to track your progress and drive your Click Through Rates even higher.

Log into your Dashboard and try out these features yourself. We hope you like it!

Click through Rate Graph in Plot Projects Dashboard

Must Know Tips On Geofencing

We are always eager to help our clients excel in their business which is why we have decided to share our geofencing experience with you. We’ve put together some tips on how to get started with and make the most use of geofencing with the Plot Plugin.

Whether you are new to the whole concept of geofencing and have no idea where to start or you are a geofencing pro we think you will find these tips very valuable.

Tip No 3: Create Location-Aware Messages

Location based notifications

You can find all the tips in our blog post ‘6 Tips For Geofencing Newbies’.

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