Plot Projects News: Support for iOS7 & Phonegap and Passbook Location Offers

Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS 7 has been released the 18th September 2013. It offers a lot of new options to its users as well as a brand new look. Unfortunately it also offered the engineers at Plot considerable headache…

iOS Support

Luckily none of these issues proved unsurmountable and our team has been able to optimize the plugin for iOS7. Please upgrade to version 1.4.3 as soon as is convenient.

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Creating location aware offers: your own passbook on Android and iOS

Plot’s location and time based notifications provide an avenue to present your customers with coupons and offers. Think of it like passbook for both iOS and Android where your customers can manage what offers interest them and get notified when they approach a location where they can redeem them. Our existing customers maintain consistent conversion rates in excess of 30%. Will you join their ranks?

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Plot Dashboard Improvements

In order to unlock the full power of location based notifications today you would need to use our API. Recently we have worked hard to be able to bring the same power to your fingertips using our dashboard. Please check it out at and let us know what you think of it. Some things we are working on:

– Make it easier to pick a location
– Visualize notification performance statistics as well as reach
– Better localization support

Support for Phonegap: code open sourced

Not all mobile apps are developed natively. A popular tool to develop apps using HTML is Phonegap (or Cordova). Due to popular demand the engineers at Plot have developed a plugin for Phonegap that can be used when developing iOS and Android apps. We even open sourced the resulting code and blogged both on how we created the plugins as well as on how they can be used in your apps. Now Plot integration for Phonegap is as simple as a single command! Please let us know what you think of it. Your feedback is much appreciated!

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