Mixpanel & PlotProjects partner to help supercharge user insights with context

Building onto Mixpanel’s deep behavioral analytics solution, Plot Projects now adds a layer of real-world context to help mobile apps and businesses better understand user interactions, and reach out at the most impactful moment.

PlotProjects’ integration within Mixpanel means going a step beyond building audiences based on people’s online behavior and preferences, powering them up with offline insights about the right time and place to surface dynamic content and send users just-for-them messages.

What this can look like IRL

In short, this means that you can get a better understanding and build a richer analytics dashboard based on where your users go and their telling habits. Businesses looking to step up loyalty for retailers can drive traffic to stores, through valuable notifications or page elements shown based on Mixpanel’s rich online and demographic insights in combination with PlotProjects’ place-and-time-based intelligence.

Adding the ‘moment’ dimension to deep behavioral insights

Approaching audiences with telling characteristics like ‘frequent shoppers’ who are also ‘loyalty members’ with a personal offer, as they pass by the same store several times, enables you to turn fleeting moments of opportunity into sure-fire sales transactions.

Then, combine Mixpanel’s sophisticated data on how users engage with your products, experiences, and campaigns – with PlotProjects’ insights on their day-to-day commuting route or regular highstreet visit. Once you’ve made precise recommendations for further offers which will interest them, at the precise second they need them, you can attach personalized conversion pages to certain shops, moments of interest, or payment points, so users can redeem coupons or convert in-app and on-the-spot.

Ready to deep dive into how next-level personalization and moment-based data can combine, making your products and people messages more immediately relevant?

Our eBook of Retail Moments shows you how to uncover value through the right person, place and time.

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