iOS 3.5.1 & 3.5.2 Include Updates for Activity Monitor & Beacons

We’ve recently released the latest versions of our Apple plugins iOS 3.5.1 and iOS 3.5.2. Launched in November, the latest releases include further improvements for Activity Monitor and some performance enhancements for beacons.

Release 3.5.1 went live on November 9, 2022 followed by Release 3.5.2 on November 15, 2022.

The releases include the following updates:

  • A fix for an issue when activity monitoring permission is undetermined.
  • A beacon update to let you retrieve nearest regions, particularly when the user is inside of a beacon region.
  • These Activity Monitor and beacon updates build on the big improvements introduced in iOS 3.5.0

Improvements for Activity Monitor

We’ve rolled out a few enhancements to the Activity Monitor feature which was introduced earlier this year. With the latest version, the plugin can now handle scenarios where the permissions for Activity Monitoring are undetermined. This update adds to the stability of the plugin.

This builds on the big update to Activity Monitor in version 3.5.0 which saw new features for segmentation and activity monitoring, including support for the XCFramework, support for activity monitoring and region triggers based on users activity change, and the introduction of Automatic Segmentation based on the users current activity.

Fixes and updates for beacons

We’ve also rolled out additional enhancements for beacons, including performance and stability improvements allowing you to retrieve nearest regions, particularly when the user in inside of a beacon region.

You can find this version and all other versions on our documentation page. Make sure to check out our full Documentation for the most recent detailed technical information. 

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