iOS 3.5.0 Release Offers Support for XCFramework

We’ve just released the newest version of our iOS plugin – version 3.5.0. The latest version includes improved performance for beacons, new features for segmentation and activity monitoring, plus support for the XCFramework. We’ve also made enhancements to QuickSync and campaign settings. 

iOS 3.5.0 release includes the following updates:

  • Support activity monitoring and region triggers on user’s activity change.
  • Release as XCFramework.
  • Performance and stability improvements for beacons.
  • Improvements on battery usage.
  • Introduced automatic segmentation properties.

Support for XCFramework

iOS 3.5.0 release includes support for the XCFramework.

Enhancements for beacons

We’ve rolled out additional enhancements for beacons, including performance and stability improvements to power all of your use cases. 

Improved battery use

We’ve also made improvements to battery usage to ensure that our plugin is optimized for minimal battery drain.

Segmentation & Activity Monitoring

  • iOS 3.5.0 includes major improvements to Segmentation Properties and Activity Monitoring. In addition to the extensive Segmentation options already offered, you can now take your campaigns further with Automatic Segmentation
  • When Activity Detection is enabled, the PlotProjects SDK will automatically set and update certain segmentation properties based on the user’s current activity. Check out our Documentation to find out which properties are supported.
  • QuickSync has also been expanded! QuickSync now supports campaigns with up to two Segmentation Properties. Find out how to leverage QuickSync for your app here
  • In order to ensure the reliability and stability of our servers, we’ve introduced a new limit on the number of regions connected to a single campaign. Each individual campaign can have a maximum of 7,000 locations (geofences and/or beacons).

You can find this version and all other versions on our Downloads page. Make sure to check out our full Documentation for the most recent detailed technical information. 

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