[PRESS RELEASE] Investors Act on the Potential of Geofencing by Investing $600k in Plot Projects

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – March 5, 2015 – Plot Projects, the market leader in Geofencing Solutions, announced it has secured $600k during their last funding round. The capital, raised by both existing and new investors, will be used to fuel commercial operations, as well as further global expansion.

Plot Projects improves the relevance of the notifications consumers receive from their mobile applications. By targeting consumers based on location and time, they ensure notifications are delivered in the optimal context. Available for all mobile platforms, Plot Projects’ Geofencing Solution allows to create, track and optimize entire geofencing campaigns via the company’s online dashboard, that has been optimized for easy usage by marketers. Additionally, the company recently enriched its portfolio with support for iBeacons. By reaching this milestone, Plot Projects made its product capable of effectively running cross-technology campaigns from one platform.

Plot Projects’ Geofencing Solution

Launched 3 years ago, Plot Projects’ Geofencing Solution is now being used by 2,500 mobile apps in 210 countries. From brands, retailers and media agencies to local app developers, traction and innovative use cases of Plot Projects’ technology are arising in every industry, company size and country in the world. With clients like Vouchercloud,, Vodafone and Sanoma in their portfolio, their technology has been thoroughly tested and fine-tuned for high-performance implementations. Their apps provide users with information or offers only when it is relevant to them, and therefore increase app retention, foot-traffic to stores, and ultimately conversion to sales.

‘Our goal is not only to help our customers make their mobile marketing efforts more effective, but also to offer app users a contextually unique and relevant mobile experience by making them location-aware’, – says Menno Kolkert, CEO of Plot Projects. ‘This funding round helps us to take a huge step forward and turn our ambitions into reality at a faster pace’.

Thanks to the $350k raised through a LeapFunder campaign and the additional $250k capital brought in by former investors, Plot Projects has now employed a team of experienced sales representatives as a first step towards fulfilling their ambitions for global expansion. They are currently in charge of overseeing and facilitating the experience of Plot Projects’ customers in Europe. The next milestone on the company’s commercial roadmap is to expand operations to its largest market by opening a new office in the US.

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