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3 Ways To Target Location - One Easy To Use Platform

Plot Projects provides app publishers with the ability to set up geofences and location-based push notifications through an easy to use platform.

This enables apps to engage their users with highly relevant messages based on location.


Reach out to users based on their current location.


Reach out to users based on their location history.


Reach out to users based on proximity to a Beacon.

What Is The Plot Plugin?

The Plot Plugin allows you to create and send location-based notifications with your app, regardless of your technology!

Using our very own algorithm for location tracking, we provide the best service in terms of accuracy and reliability.

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Key Benefits
Campaign Management

Plot Plugin comes with its own intuitive dashboard, giving you full control to:

  • Create and manage your own campaigns using either geofences or beacons (or both)
  • Have multiple campaigns running in parallel
  • Easily define the locations for your geofences, the radius and what times the campaign should be in effect
  • Use the App Cool Down and Non-Resendability tools to ensure that your app users don’t receive too many notifications in a short space of time
  • Use A/B testing to to test the effectiveness of your campaigns
Plot Projects Dashboard
Dynamic Notifications

Our Dynamic Notifications feature helps you to ensure that the right message is delivered to the right user, maximising the level of engagement.

  • Specify exactly where a user is to be sent when they respond to a notification
  • Use placeholders in the notification message e.g. You are near {Costa Coffee in Kings Cross} get 10% off today!
  • Send notifications when people enter, exit or linger in a place for a period of time
Data Collection

Now you can access location based data without having to send push notifications by setting up geotrigger campaigns.

  • Record a geotrigger instead for when a user enters or exits a geofence
  • Collect location history for your users
  • Create smoke tests before you start to send push notifications to users
  • Collect data to generate detailed population heatmaps!
Plot Projects Heatmap
In Depth Analytics

Measure the success of your campaigns!

  • Find the total number of notifications sent and those opened for a campaign.
  • Measure your click through rates (CTR)
  • Get custom reports that are generated for specific campaigns
  • Breakdown the data to get the information you need
Advanced Segmentation

Take personalised campaigns to a new level!

  • Segment your notifications based on your users characteristics
  • Filter notifications so that you only show notifications that match the preferences of your users
  • Increase the relevance of your notifications through personalisation
An Extensive API
  • Incorporate the details of your location based campaigns into your own dashboard or CRM
  • Access deep and insightful statistics for analysis in conjunction with your own user data
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We Support Most Major Platforms
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See our documentation for full details

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