Improved region monitoring and new guides – Release notes June 7

For the last couples of weeks we worked on improving the functionality of our campaign “cooldown” feature, we improved the way we monitor beacons with our iOS SDK and documented guides on debugging with Cordova and integrating our plugin with our new partner CleverTap.

Documentation and guides

We created a guide for integrating our SDK with CleverTap SDK. Our new partner CleverTap is a mobile marketing platform. Plot and CleverTap can be easily integrated and used together to extend customer journeys across the real and digital world via mobile. Reading our guide makes it easier for the developer to use these services and gives an explanation of the value added by our technologies.
We also extended our debugging guides to include instructions for debugging using Cordova/Phonegap. Now it is also explained how send the debug log with this platform, by simply setting up XCode to do so and implementing the corresponding Plot method. You can find the updated documentation here.

Cooldown functionality improvements

Fixing this issue in our backend allows campaigns that are created with the setting “resendable upon re-enter” to send all notifications/geotriggers of one campaign at the same time. This “cooldown period” is now only applied per geofence and not on campaign level. This way you can now go back to our dashboard and set up your campaign with resendable notifications/geotriggers without any concern about minor delays. Check out our documentation for more information on how to use the cooldown feature. This issue only affected campaigns which were set to be received more than once straight upon re-entering. Campaigns set to once or receivable again after a certain time period weren’t affected.

iOS plugin improvements for beacons

In our latest iOS plugin version 2.1.1-beta1 we introduced a bug fix regarding region monitoring, in which beacons would take up more region monitoring slots than necessary, thus hindering the performance of beacon and geofence based campaigns.

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