CleverTap and Plot Projects Partnership

CleverTap and Plot Projects have been strategic partners for a while, and we’re now happy to announce this officially, and to share some insights around how our collaboration and technical integration can take your mobile marketing strategy to the next level.

What does this mean for you, and your app?
A connection between CleverTap and Plot Projects means that brand and publisher apps can extend customer journeys across the real and digital world via mobile – and in doing so, be an extension of your consumer via relevant interactions, by understanding the right moment to reach them.

The best part is that our integration with this leading Mobile Marketing Platform is almost ready-to-use, meaning you can start delivering value quickly. Next to connected technologies, we can offer combined expertise, to help you deliver a more seamless and rewarding journey for consumers – which begins and moves with mobile.

Plot Projects’ Location Marketing Platform uses ‘place’ and ‘time’ as a crucial foundation to move with consumers, wherever they go. Our advanced location intelligence can be used to map and analyze real life touchpoints, then deliver relevant interactions like notifications, and in-app deep links.

CleverTap’s Mobile Marketing Platform offers the suite mobile marketers need for growth and retention. Enriched with Plot Projects’ location intelligence, customers can extend their marketing output across the mobile landscape and beyond – applying Plot Projects precision in-app location insights to Email, Web and Advertising channels to smarten segmentation, and make contextual relevance go further.

Please reach out to your customer success manager if you’d like to know more or would like to discuss getting started with some quick win use cases applying the combined power of CleverTap and Plot Projects. If you’d like to get inspired first, don’t forget to check our guest blog ‘Location-Based Marketing Playbook: 7 Use Cases for Engaging Users On the Move‘ on CleverTap’s website by our CEO, Menno Kolkert.

You can also take a look at our integration documentation.

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