3 ways to improve customer experience with location-based notifications

Moments of attention for marketing are simultaneously a scarce and abundant resource.

Mobile businesses know that people use their phones for around a third of their waking life, but we’ve caused decision fatigue through a shedload of content creeping onto screens, through eyeballs, and into brains.

We call it excessive cognitive load.

So how can we declutter, to create genuinely useful journeys for customers by connecting mobile experiences and real-world surroundings?

Location-based notifications made easy

Sending location-based notifications is a great way to make your message stand out in the right way, by using real-time geographic location, via your app.

You can use any place of interest you like as a basis for sending messages. Think nearby entertainment options for app users with time to kill, or scroll-worthy content and key info beside train stations for captive commuters.

We believe localizing your messages should be a baseline for great mobile marketing. That’s why we’re giving away real-time location-based notifications as a starter pack.

Stuck on where to begin? Here are three localized push message tips you can start sending straight away to improve your CX:

  1. Capturing feedback
  2. Removing steps from the customer journey
  3. Steering customers in the right direction

1. Capturing feedback only when relevant

When are users primed to give valuable feedback? The moment their interaction with your business comes to an end – whether that’s when their flight touches down, the credits start rolling on their movie, or they’re walking away from your store towards their car. They’re reflecting on how they feel about your service. Even better? They’re seated, waiting to start the next part of their day.

Send a push notification asking a short question like, “How did you enjoy your experience with us today? 😊/ 😔” Try letting users reply with an emoji for an instant emotional response requiring minimal effort. There’s no better time to engage a captive audience.

Context based push notifications

2. Removing steps from user journeys

What’s more, localized targeting allows you to get rid of printed forms, improving the customer experience (as well as reducing your carbon footprint). By sending location-based notifications right when users leave, you become instantly more valuable to them.

For example, a health insurer reminding a patient leaving their hospital to process their claim in-app. They don’t have to pick up the phone, wait for snail mail, or write a cheque.

iPhone Insurance Notification

3. Steer users in the right direction

Location intelligence can help you connect with local foot traffic and help crowds navigate straight toward you based on their current location.

Think push notifications with detailed transit information when a user enters a subway station. Or information on artists and acts sent to a user upon entering a music festival.  Or hyper-local offers for nearby restaurants.

Event Navigation Notification

Places of interest provide endless opportunities to reach out to the right people, exactly when they want you to.

Next, learn how you can use location-based notifications to drive the right cohorts of customers to stores, and boost transactions:

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