[PRESS RELEASE] ADE + Plot Projects = Mobile Festival Experience Magic!

ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) partners with Plot Projects to bring the ultimate digital experience to festival attendees through their mobile app.

AMSTERDAM, NL, 2017 October 20 – ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) is teaming up with Plot Projects, a location data and marketing technology provider, to bring the ultimate contextual experience to party-goers through their mobile app and provide the event organisers with rich location insights about visitors’ whereabouts during the event.

ADE is the world’s largest club festival. With over 350.000 visitors and 2200 artists performing at 120 venues, successfully navigating the ADE program has proven to be a challenge. To remedy this inconvenience, Plot Projects together with Woov App is helping ADE provide a highly context-aware app experience to its app users in multifold ways. Enhanced by lot Projects’ technology, the ADE app will keep its app users informed about pop-up events, nearby parties, emergency information and other relevant tips via location-based notifications.

An interactive map of Amsterdam and all the festival venues will be accessible on the ADE app, providing navigation as well as real-time insights into what is happening and where. ADE will also show visitors what events other members of their social network are currently at.

Plot Projects will also help ADE measure the movement patterns across the event, such as foot traffic to different artists, venues and parties and average time spent there, enabling ADE to see which ones were the most popular. They will also collect extensive location insights about attendees, including which country they came from and how long on average they stayed at the event.

“We are thrilled to be working with ADE and truly exploring  the potential of location technology for the event industry,” – says Menno Kolkert, CEO of Plot Projects. “Our partnership brings the bar for digital festival experience to whole new level and pro-actively help party-goers get the most out of the event.”

About ADE

With 375,000 festival visitors and 2200 artists from around the globe performing in 120 of the best clubs in Amsterdam, The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the leading electronic music platform and the biggest club festival in the world for the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres.

About Plot Projects

Founded in 2011, Plot Projects is a leading company in the field of location-based marketing technologies. Powered by geofencing and beacons, they deliver high-end location intelligence and contextualized push notification services to app owners.Their clients range from leading mobile apps and app developers to major partners in the mobile marketing automation space. Their mission is to offer app users a contextualised and more relevant mobile experience by making them more location-aware.

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