10 Christmas Traditions to Try This Year

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. And for many, it’s the cherished traditions and holiday routines that make it all the more special. Whether you love decorating the tree, singing festive songs or baking together, it’s the traditions we do year after year that make the biggest impression. 

We asked our followers about their Christmas traditions and they shared their favorite stories for this article. So if you’re looking for inspiration this year, feel free to take these traditions and put your own twist on them for your festive celebrations. 

Christmas traditions to try this year

Top Christmas traditions to try

1. Feed the reindeer

“We have a tradition where the neighbours’ children bring us magic reindeer food so we can put it in our shed roof for Santa’s reindeer. We also put a few carrots on for them. The kids watch us do it. Later on when the kids are asleep we go out and sweep up most of the food, take the carrots off the roof, chop a few chunks off and pop them back on the roof so it looks like the reindeer have eaten it. Then in the morning when the kids look out the window they know Santa has been!”

Shared by Sharon Ann Freemantle

2. Bake together

“We love baking and spending time with our granddaughter on Christmas Eve. We make a Gingerbread house with lots of icing & sweets. It reminds me of when I was little (and the Gingerbread story, ‘run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man’). Then we sprinkle reindeer dust in the garden, So Rudolph & Santa can find our house to leave all the presents. It’s magical for the children, and we leave Santa some milk & gingerbread. It’s all gone in the morning, then seeing the children’s faces, believing in Santa, is magical!”

Shared by Christine Hall

3. Cook a Christmas turkey, with a twist!

“The first year I cooked Christmas dinner I bought the largest turkey ever from a local farm. I struggled to get it in the oven and had absolutely no idea how I was going to then make room for the roast potatoes, parsnips etc. We did something else that year and went up to the local pub for a cheeky drink which turned into several drinks. When we got back from the pub the oven was flooding with meat juices from this massive turkey! Ordinarily this would’ve been my worst nightmare but the visit to the pub made me find it hilarious! Somehow I presented everyone with a full turkey dinner and we all survived to tell the tale! I’ve never been to the pub on Christmas Day since or bought a turkey the size of a labrador!”

Shared by Kerry Salt

4. Make a gingerbread house

“We always make a gingerbread house each, it is so much fun as a family. But last year will never be forgotten, because our cat knocked one onto the floor and even now we can’t live it down. We will keep the door shut this year!”

Shared by Jade Jones

Fun Christmas traditions

Check out a great recipe here!

5. Share sweet treats

I love Christmas mornings. My daughter and I open our selection boxes for breakfast and do swapsies with our chocolate. Then we all take it in turns opening our presents, and laughing as her dog tries stealing everything. My daughter is 36 and this has always been our tradition and I love it.”

Shared by Sarah Ann Davies

6. Find ‘The Christmas Pickle’

“We have a tree ornament called The Christmas Pickle. We hide it on the tree every year and on Christmas day we get our children to search the tree for it. Whoever finds it first gets an extra little Christmas treat. It’s a German tradition that we adopted.”

Shared by Gina Rita Nathan

7. Do a Secret Santa

“One of our favorite traditions is our annual Secret Santa gift exchange. We do the traditional gift exchange, but along with it, we ask each person to write a personal note to their gift recipient detailing a fond memory from the past year or an endearing quality about the recipient. When opening the gifts, each person reads their note aloud. We have often heard that those notes are more cherished than the gift itself. It is so wonderful to hear the endearing stories and witness such joy every year!”

Shared by Saaya Shah

Unique Christmas traditions

8. Knit socks

“This isn’t really a tradition but we still laugh about it to this day. My elderly Nan used to knit these really itchy stripey socks as gifts for people. One Christmas my uncle unwrapped his gift from Nan, a single sock and I received its partner! Being the kind person I am I graciously conceded my sock to him so he could have the pair”

Shared by Tee Stannard

9. Show gratitude

“We have a different Christmas as my son is bedridden and my husband has a chronic illness. My son has a beautiful voice and on Christmas Eve he sings a Christmas carol. It’s heartwarming. Then we take turns saying what we are grateful for. On Christmas Day we share gifts, then we eat macaroni cheese, meatloaf and salmon . Christmas is all about family and a nice meal, playing games and being grateful for each other.”

Shared by Trudie B.

10. Wear red hats 

“We all love getting into the Christmas spirit. Our family tradition is to wear red Christmas hats on the day. The dinner table is set out beautifully with red napkins and Christmas crackers. We watch a festive movie, and we like opening our presents. Christmas is a jolly, happy festive day. There’s always some holly and ivy, and mistletoe is a must have for love birds!”

Shared by Harvey

Top shopping tips to help you get prepared for Christmas

Are you still not prepared for Christmas? Then you’re not alone. Check out these top shopping tips to help you save time and money in the run up to the festive season. See our advice here, or check out our complete guide packed with money-saving Christmas shopping tips

  • Start your shopping early
  • Make sure you plan in advance
  • Set a budget – and try not to dig in to your savings
  • Make the most of money-saving shopping apps
  • Opt-in to share your location while you’re out shopping
  • Shop on the high street and online
  • Make the most of free delivery and curbside pickup
  • Remember to have fun! 

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