Best practices for being GDPR compliant with location data

GDPR best practices

GDPR is in our DNA. How can Plot Projects help you to capture location opt-ins and keep compliant?

The updated EU consumer data directive is in full swing, and as people get wiser to what they want from businesses, and how their data is being used, only the most customer-centric organizations will stay afloat.

From the many different kinds of customer data processed, we realize that location data has been one of the most contentious for digitally-driven businesses. So how can those fighting the good fight for customers use location data responsibly?

As a European technology company, we have had to observe the strictest predecessor of the GDPR for nearly a decade. We are proud of the fact that we go beyond addressing responsible marketing as a box-checking exercise, but more as a strategic differentiator.

Here are a few best practices and resources about how to handle compliance and consent management – and how our technology can help you to get there.

Whitepaper: 4 ways to increase app opt-ins and build consent for the GPDR

This simple, scannable guide runs you through the principles of staying compliant with EU-based app users when it comes to using mobile location services. How can you turn two-step opt-in priming into a two-way conversation rather than a hurdle for your users?

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One-pager: GDPR and location-based marketing FAQs

We collected all the questions you had about responsible location-based marketing. Here, we address how PlotProjects works as a location data processor, how we advise our customers to collect their location data, and how you can get consent from your app users sustainably by demonstrating clear value.

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PlotProjects helps mobile apps to go beyond addressing the GDPR as a box-checking exercise. By proactively sharing practical opt-in tips to close the conversation gap with consumers, and through stronger, more comprehensive in-app location intelligence, businesses can know their customers better – in a transparent way.

Our technology has been built with consent and security at its core, and we’re proud of the fact that our mobile solution originates from the EU. We have observed strict data protection laws similar to the GDPR, long before the directive came into play.”

Menno Kolkert

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