Product Overview

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing allows you to send notifications to your users when they are in the vicinity of, for example, your store. By doing so, you only provide your users with information relevant to them and increase your app usage, foot-traffic and conversion.

A Geofence is a virtual perimeter around a location. You can create Geofences of 50 to 50.000 meters radius to send location-based notifications to users approaching, for example, your stores, coffee shops or events.

What is Geofencing?


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Plot Plugin available Platforms

Plot has plugins for all major platforms. This way you can send Location Based Notifications with your app regardless of your technology. Plot combined proven technologies with the Plot Predictive Location Tracking Algorithm. This algorithm is the most advanced of its kind and optimizes the accuracy and reliability.
See our documentation for a full list of supported features per platform.

Targets iOS 6.0 and up (compatible with iOS 4.3)
Doesn’t activate GPS
Small library without external dependencies
Thoroughly unit tested

Targets Froyo (2.2) and up
Doesn’t activate GPS
Runs in separate proces
Gets activated on bootup
Small library without external dependencies
Thoroughly unit tested

Supports 3.0.0 and up
Android Froyo (2.2) and up
iOS 6.0 and up (compatible with iOS 4.3)
Doesn’t activate GPS
Small library without external dependencies
Thoroughly unit tested

Supports version 3.X
Android Froyo (2.2) and up
iOS 6.0 and up (compatible with iOS 4.3)
Doesn’t activate GPS
Small library without external dependencies
Thoroughly unit tested

Overview of the Dashboard

Create Geofences

Creating Geofences in the Plot Dashboard is as easy as riding your bike. You can search for a place or address and then set the name and radius of the Geofence.
Creating Geofences on a map gives you perfect control of where your users will receive your Location Based Notifications.


Create Notifications

After creating a Geofence you can set a notification attached to that Geofence. It is possible to set a specific notification for every Geofence you have.
You can easily define where the notification should lead to once a user opens it: a website, a page in your app or a custom code, everything is possible!


Geofence Overview

Your Geofences can be shown in a list or on a map.
Using the map view gives you a clear overview of all the Geofences that can be triggered.
The colors of your Geofences show if they have a published notification or not.

Geofence Overview

Notification Overview

The notification tab gives you an overview of all your notifications and their statuses. It also lets you know to which Geofence they’re attached to. You can edit both Notifications and Geofences by clicking on them and access to analytics per notification.

Notification Overview

Create Campaigns

Instead of creating a separate notification for each Geofence, you can also create a campaign for a set of Geofences.
The overview allows to see which ones are running, ended, scheduled as well as their deadlines. You also have the option to pause or delete campaigns at any time. Easy peasy!

Create Campaigns

Account Settings

Manage your account in the ‘Account Settings’ tab:

Add multiple apps from one account (or create a Sandbox and Production version)
Invite team members to your Plot Projects account
Manage your subscription
Download invoices

Try the Plot Dashboard

Plot API

Plot Projects offers an extensive API with which you can create and edit both Geofences and Notifications.
The Plot API also offers all statistics which allows you to incorporate the details of your location based campaign into your own dashboard or CRM.



Plot Projects offers extensive real time insights in the success of your Geofencing Campaigns.
Access these analytics in the Plot Dashboard or via the Plot API:

Total number of sent & opened Location Based Notifications
Number of sent & opened Location Based Notifications per Geofence
Exact time a Location Based Notification is sent & opened
Conversion per Location Based Notification
Downloadable reports (e.g. per platform, app version, country or time period)
… and many more!

Plot Features

Define a radius

Geofences can have a radius ranging from 50m up to 50.000m. Whereas small Geofences allow you to target only people very near or in your store, larger Geofences give you the opportunity to target people in large areas like neighborhoods or cities.
In the Plot Dashboard you can also set the radius around an iBeacon in which you want your users to receive notifications. This radius can vary from 1m to 30m.


Define opening hours

Location Based Notifications are sent automatically to people entering your Geofence. There are times when you don’t want people to receive your notifications, for instance when your store is closed. As you don’t know at what time people will enter your Geofence, you don’t know at what time they will receive your notification.
This is why Plot lets you define opening hours (called ‘timespans’) per Notification.


Trigger on enter or exit

By default, Notifications are sent when a person enters a Geofence.
PlotProjects allows you to send a notification on a ‘Geofence Exit’ as notifications are sent when a person enters a Geofence by default.

You can use the Geofence Exit trigger to send surveys to people who visited your store or reward customers with loyalty points for example.


Set minium dwelling time per notification

The ‘dwelling time’ allows you to set a number of minutes a person has to be in a Geofence before receiving a notification from you.
This feature assures that notifications are only sent to people who actually visit a location, and not to the one who drive on a highway that cuts through your Geofence.


Limit the number of Notifications per user

Have you set a lot of Geofences but don’t want your users to be spammed? Neither do we. That’s why we offer 2 possibilities to limit the number of notifications a single user can receive:

Define a minimum time interval between 2 notifications by setting our feature called ‘cool down period‘
Send personalized notifications. This way your users will only receive a notification when approaching a location that is really relevant to them.

Personalize Notifications

Do you want your notification to stand out even more? We like that! That’s why Plot offers a neat feature called ‘Notification Filter’.
With this feature you can personalize notifications based on a user profile or previous purchases and therefore only receive a notification from you when it is truly relevant to them.
Please read our developer blog on Using the Notification Filter to Increase Relevance.


Segment your audience

Using our segmentation feature you can target a sub-set of your user-base, making sure only users that match your targeting criteria receive a specific notification. You can segment your target audience for instance on the age or gender.



Placeholders can help you customize the notification or campaign message depending on the geofence. . You can define a label for each of your geofences, for instance, containing your store names and then use the geofence label placeholder in your notification messages to easily improve their relevancy.