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Welcome To Our Developer Page

Why work with us? Here you can find full technical information about how Plot Projects works in your app.

We Support Major Platforms
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Why Work With Us?

Lower Your Development Costs

  • We can help you to effectively deploy on both iOS and Android
  • We support most major development platforms offering you full flexibility
  • We have in-depth documentation and guides to ensure implementation is easy

Shorten Your Time To Market

  • Maintain your location accuracy at all times without extra development work
  • Take notifications to the next level by segmenting and personalising them
  • Use the most battery efficient technology that is available

Work With A Scalable Solution

  • Easily support both geofencing and beacons on one platform
  • Overcome the geofence limit of 100 on both iOS and Android
  • Leave your marketing teams to configure timings of notifications and cool down periods as they see fit

Utilise Our Expertise

  • Design the best marketing campaigns with our support
  • Continually optimise and improve your campaigns with A/B testing
  • Observe your campaigns in real time and collect data on your campaign for future analysis
Have More Questions?

If you have any questions please ask them on our Plot Plugin web support forum so that other users might benefit from the answers.

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