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Who Is Vouchercloud?

Vouchercloud is the UK’s biggest money-saving mobile app and online platform, providing consumers with vouchers from a range of categories including restaurants, travel, leisure and hotels, from well-known international brands, independent retailers and local services.

Some of the many brands include: GAP, Just Eat, Debenhams, British Airways, eBay, Next, Nike, The Body Shop and Travelodge.

The app is currently available in 17 countries and has received more than 6.2 million downloads.

How Vouchercloud Works With Plot Projects?

Vouchercloud uses the Plot Plugin in its mobile app. This enables them to create numerous geofences using the Plot Plugin Dashboard and manage campaigns for their clients.

With Plot Projects’ powerful but straightforward dashboard and extensive analytical tools, Vouchercloud is able  to easily set up, manage and optimise almost 500 national and local campaigns for their multiple merchants across the UK, Netherlands, and South Africa.

Their app users receive push notifications based on

  • their location
  • the time (opening hours only or different weekday and weekend times)
  • the user’s personal preferences set in the VoucherCloud app
  • demographic, using Plot Projects segmentation features and;
  • a cool down period so that users are not bombarded
What Is The Result?

The relevance and timeliness of the push notifications help to boost profits for Vouchercloud and the brands that they work with. This can only be accomplished by adding relevance, contextuality, and urgency to their app, made possible by Plot Projects.

Vouchercloud also benefit by maintaining a level of engagement with their app users, giving them the edge over competitors that require you search for relevant vouchers.

By working with Plot Projects, Vouchercloud increased their redeem rate by 25%. Businesses using Vouchercloud also see an uplift in sales during the campaign periods of up to 182%, proving that simple and effective campaigns, that are well targeted are welcomed by users and generate more revenue.


Plot Projects helped us boost coupon exposure and redemptions well beyond expectations (+25%)! We were able to successfully monetise our users and drive more business with exiting and new clients”

Robert Downes, Head of In-Store Operations
Vouchercloud, UK

Boost App Engagement with Location Targeting Case Study

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