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Choose the right moments to engage

It’s a crowded mobile market for travel. 

How can you continue to stand out, reach customers on-the-move, and stay top-of-mind with well-timed recommendations? Then, create cross-sell opportunities which keep up with them?

Whether you’re a marketer at a meta searcher, a travel agent or an airline, your destination is pretty clear: it’s all about dynamic personalization.

It’s time to get creative with your customer data

Travelers all over the world admit that a standard A-to-B journey is no longer enough. Just-for-them experiences aren’t something extraordinary – they are an expectation.

That’s why travel apps need to be wise about resources, focus on customer retention, and get creative with new ways to activate existing data – like using location as a gateway to deliver real-time, relevant journeys. Starting is easy:

  1.  Re-activate users with real-world audiences
  2. Attach content to the right context

The places we can go with smarter location data…

1. Re-activate users with real-world audiences

✔ Better understand booking behavior

Build a fuller picture of your customer through segmenting based on transport routes they’ve taken, destinations they’ve visited, hotels they’ve stayed at and airports they’ve passed through.

✔ Go beyond analyzing active users

Segment and cater to dormant users depending on their offline habits – to make campaigns more effective and targeting capabilities more comprehensive.

✔ Build offline attributes into audiences

Detect leisure or business-class flyers, luxury hotel loyalists, and frequent travelers, to truly understand who your high-value customers are.

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2. Attach content to the right context

✔ Minimize missed engagement opportunities

Your customers don’t want to see transport routes or inspiring in-app guides for the wrong destinations; nor ‘book now’ notifications as they’re driving to the airport.

✔ Personalize right-time recommendations

Surface app pages and personalization tokens which mirror where your customer is and where they’ve been.

✔ Reduce steps to conversion

Use people’s frequent routes, where they’ve been and where they’re headed to trigger frictionless up-sell opportunities.

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Mirror customers on-the-move with Plot Projects

Discuss with a specialist how our suite of right moment marketing solutions for travel can help you take personalization to the next level.

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