Connect online and offline to harmonize CX

‘Omnichannel’ is dead: the customer is your only channel now.

Bridge the gap between digital and in-store behaviors

So, how can you collect and cultivate deeper insights, assimilating brands that customers truly love and products they really want? By bridging the gap between digital and in-store behaviors.

It’s time to start reimagining commerce experiences

We’ve known for a while now that shoppers are not only a sum of their taps, swipes or clicks. The whole shopping ecosystem is more dynamic and complex due to an online-offline divide: it’s why delivering seamless customer journeys, investing in digital and demonstrating value is so difficult.

Now, it’s up to retail players to reimagine commerce experiences. It begins with making your app, ads and web mirror what’s happening in real life for your customer – and vice versa:

  1. Build smarter shopper segmentation
  2. Create app & in-store experiences driven by customer locomotion
  3. Attribute in-store to app behavior, and vice versa

1. Build smarter shopper segmentation

Stop being ‘everywhere’ and ‘all things’ for ‘all people’:

 Create interest-based segments

Apply customer habits, routines and place preferences, to complete your single customer view and jump up your analytics.

 Understand offline behavior

Identify and understand grounds of brand loyalists, regular runners, frequent diners or daily drivers.

 Enrich profiles with observable data

Go beyond traditional declared data such as ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, using store visits and regular routes to add value to your audiences, and discover surprising patterns of truth in customer behavior.

More about real-world audiences →

2. Create app & in-store experiences, driven by customer locomotion

Engage only at relevant moments, and adapt your app for in-store mode:

 Refine targeting triggers & messages

What qualifies a store visit, and when should you switch to in-store mode? How nearby is your app user and how likely are they to redeem that discount?

 Deliver arms-reach convenience

Increase customer value by sending in-the-moment offers and practical there-and-then information.

 Reduce steps to conversion

Make the most of opportunities where you can be of value, by localizing in-app content and reducing search friction.

More about Localized content 

3. Attribute in-store to app behavior, and vice versa

The path-to-purchase can follow multiple routes:

 Measure which campaigns drove visits

Who did that paper trail touch, and how can you prove it? What were that customer’s next steps?

 Optimize budgets & refine distribution

Reconcile digital interactions with offline footprints, reducing waste using data you already have.

 Steer digital strategy

Gain cumulative intelligence on users, by identifying routes between home, work, promoted stores, shopping streets, or competitor locations.

Strengthen your customer profiles across your martech stack:

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