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Meet your new app revenue stream

Moment-based service lets you go beyond ad-based monetization.  

It’s time for a new business model.

Ad-based monetization can be aggressive, cause customer churn, and has created a mobile ad-fraud arms race in recent years.

It’s decaying publisher-brand relationships and burning user retention.

But competition is also at an all-time high: nearly every app is using a combination of in-app purchases and ads to generate revenue. How can your commercial team continue to maximize on an irreversible paradigm in user behavior?

By becoming a different kind of attention merchant. How?

  1. Grow your existing audience value
  2. Engage with location-based content
  3. Prove your worth with real-world attribution

1. Grow your existing audience value

✔ Enrich existing profiles

Augment your advertiser’s audience insights by understanding where users go, and how often.

✔ Activate visit-based retargeting

Create high-value cross-channel campaigns to improve reach & relevance.

✔ Offer deeper intelligence

Be the go-to app brands use to gain deeper intelligence on their biggest fans and their movements.

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2. Engage with location-based content

✔ Drive greater footfall

Send notifications just at the moment it matters to your users – such as only when they enter that store or stick around on this shopping street.

✔ Minimize marketing waste

Make every message mirror user context.

✔ Surface offers at critical moments

Let brands be there at a point of purchase decision or intent, such as when a visitor strays to a competitor store. 

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3. Prove your worth with real-world attribution

✔ Show your promotions work

Measure an increase in actual footfall and prove your campaign’s direct impact to advertisers.

✔ Help refine digital campaigns

Add value with corresponding footfall data to make marketing distribution more effective.

✔ Deliver a deeper understanding

Gain insights into what makes your users show up, and stick around.

Strengthen your customer profiles across your martech stack:

More ways to monetize mobile?

Discuss with a specialist how our suite of right moment marketing solutions for media can create new sources of commercial value.

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