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Online to Offline Attribution

Measure the impact of your online efforts on your offline conversions


Online to Offline Attribution

Measure the impact of your online efforts on your offline conversions

Do your online efforts drive offline sales?

Over 90% of retail sales still happen offline. How can you rely on traditional KPI’s like impressions and click-through rates to give a realistic view of conversions and retention?

Welcome to the world of online-to-offline attribution led by Attribute, a Plot Projects tool that helps you finally understand what makes your customer stick around and convert. Powered by highly accurate mobile location data, it pinpoints precisely which marketing exposure translated into what footfall.

Online to offline attribution for brands

What online to offline attribution can do for you


Prove that your
promotions work

Do you know if a customer visited your client’s store after seeing a promotion in your app?


Prove the power
of your notifications

Can you measure if your loyalty program translates location-based alerts into store visits?

Online to offline attribution for brands

How Attribute works

Online to offline attribution software

Qualify actual visits
and filter out passersby

» Dwell-time feature
to measure how long a person stayed at your location

» Customizable dwell-time parameters
to determine which visits matter

Connect physical visits
to online touchpoints

» Cross-channel attribution
to connect online touchpoints with footfall

» Measure & compare effectiveness
of mobile & digital

Measure what
drives your visits

» Custom reports
to measure conversions, influenced visits & earned foot traffic

» Understand the customer journey
to differentiate & delight

Reclamefolder customer quote

“Plot Projects has been very valuable in substantiating online to offline conversion for our advertising propositions. With their help in attribution and reporting, we could prove that our service proposition really works by showing a comprehensible ROI.”

Robin Streng
Reclamefolder, The Netherlands

One platform, all the online to offline
attribution features you need

Dwell Time

Measure how long a person stayed at your location to qualify visits.

Visit Rate

Define the timeframe of the campaign.

Incremental Uplift

Avoid bombarding your users in dense city areas.

Store Visits

Attribute on scale by measuring visits to geofences around stores.

Cash Register Visits

Attribute on a granular level with beacons at cash registers.


Add visit data to your measurements to prove the worth of marketing investments.

Cost per Visit

Combine visit and marketing spend data to calculate the costs.

Conversion per Promotion

Compare visit rates per promotions and see what converts more visits.

Conversion per Location

See which of your stores pull most of the traffic and optimize distribution.

Visits Taken from Competitors

Measure competitor visits and see how your promotions affect them.

Heat Maps

Visulaize visitation data and identify patterns and trends.

What happens after marketing exposure?

With online to offline attribution you know