Online to Offline Attribution

Measure the direct impact of

your online efforts on your offline conversions.



Online to Offline Attribution

Measure the direct impact of

your online efforts on your offline conversions.


What is Online to Offline Attribution?

Foot traffic attribution

Attribution of online purchases to online campaigns is no sweat, but what about brick-and-mortar visits and purchases? Do you know which online campaigns initiated them?

Being able to measure how many store visits have resulted from your online marketing campaigns can help you  accurately calculate your ROI and prove the worth of your services.

Attribute by Plot Projects enables online to offline attribution by drawing that connection between online marketing efforts and visits to your business locations:

  • How much foot traffic was generated by your marketing activities?
  • How long users dwelled at your business location?
  • Are they just passing by or hanging around?

Check out the 2017 online to offline attribution benchmarks

How Reclamefolder Measures Online to Offline Attribution with Plot Projects

With Plot Projects’ online to offline attribution, Reclamefolder is able to measure the impact of their in-app flyers on the foot traffic uplift to their promoted retailers. Reclamefolder uses dwell time to qualify the visits and only count in users that have stayed at retailers long enough to make a purchase. Robin Streng

“Plot Projects has been very valuable in substantiating online to offline conversion for our advertising propositions. With their help in attribution and reporting, we could prove that our service proposition really works by showing a comprehensible ROI.”

Robin Streng
Director at

Reclamefolder attribution

Attribute with Plot Projects

Dwell Time

Which users have stayed longer and likely made a purchase?

Negative Competitor Visits

Did your marketing efforts reduce visits to competitors?

Influenced Visits by Plot Projects

Incremental Lift

How many extra visits did your marketing bring to your location?

Conversion per Channel and Location

Which ads and locations performed well, which ones didn’t?

How does it work?

Calculate the number of visits of a group of users whom the online campaign is not presented to. They make up the control group. Measure the conversion to visit of the group exposed to the online campaign. The difference, called incremental lift, shows the effectiveness of your campaign.

Foot Traffic Attribution

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