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Location Intelligence

Attribute foot traffic to online marketing and

 enrich mobile experience with location history.

What is Location Intelligence and Why Use It?

Location Intelligence

People take their mobile device everywhere – work, holidays, yoga classes, Friday night drinks – where we go, they go.  This generates a lot of location data.  Take this data, find patterns and you get location intelligence.

Location intelligence can tell you a lot about your user’s real world behavior:

  • Who goes to an airport 3 times a month?
  • Who goes to the movies every Friday night?
  • Who visits the stores that you promote?

With our platform, you can tap into this data and use it to connect the digital and physical worlds.

Here are some of the ways to use location intelligence

Attribute Offline Conversions to Online Efforts

Did that email or social media ad actually bring foot traffic to your shop? We can help you measure:

  • How much foot traffic to your locations was generated by your marketing activities
  • How long users dwelled at your business location – are they just passing by or hanging around?

Calculate the direct impact of your online efforts on your offline conversions.

Check out 2017 store visit benchmarks.

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Attribution of Foot Traffic
Retargeting with Geocookie

Retarget Users That Have Visited A Specific Location

Our platform can inform you if users have visited a specific location. You can then retarget these app users across any other marketing channel – in-app, emails, banners etc. This way your retargeting is more precise and effective.

Personalize Content With Location Based User Profiles

To grow and retain key customer segments, you need to provide an experience tailored to their personal preferences. Our platform provides insights about the places your user visits. You can pair it with data about their preferences, online behavior and target them in a more personalized way that drives conversions.

Personalize with Location Based User Profile
Measure Foot Traffic

Measure Foot Traffic to Your & Competitors’ Business Locations

  • Measure footfall to your locations – how busy they are on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. See where your weaknesses and strength are
  • Set up test campaigns for newly added locations – estimate the size of the audience you could influence with marketing campaigns in the future
  • Track how often your users visit your key competitors – compare changes in foot traffic, benchmark your business against the competition and understand why you’re gaining or losing share

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